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Fiesta Nacional del Inmigrante o de las Colectividades

Desde 1980 se festeja La Fiesta Nacional del Inmigrante o de las Colectividades en Oberá. Igual que en aquellos tiempos, hoy continúa vivo el mismo espíritu de rendirle tributo a sus países de origen.

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Santa Ana and its <i>Parque de la Cruz</i>

A space for recreation with attractions for the entire family immersed in a natural environment has been developed in a venue situated in the native woodland.

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City tour around Oberá

The urban layout of Oberá, teeming with the lush vegetation of Misiones, is the synthesis of a cosmopolitan society that has conveyed its cultural features at each corner.

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Visit to <i>Parque de las Naciones</i>

Designed as a site of encounter to celebrate the Immigrant National Festival, this place is a perfect excuse to enjoy the open air and the history of this region shaped by European immigrants.

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The Birds’ Garden

Oberá, green and red from all points of view, features a wide range of attractions to see in the very heart of the city.

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Salto Berrondo Tourist Resort

A getaway a few kilometers away from the city lets us enjoy the prodigious nature of Oberá. A refreshing waterfall becomes the ideal refuge to retain each particle of the scenery.

Tourism in Misiones

Misiones Province continues to conquer thousands of travelers who come along every year to enjoy its natural tourist attractions, and its many cultural and historical destinations...

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Visit to Oberá's Historical and Natural Science Museum

Not only do its walls preserve the history of the denizens of Oberá, but also the memory of this region of Misiones, which captivates visitors and was adopted by immigrants from all over the world as their own land.

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Monte Aventura recreational natural park

We headed for this recreational natural park with the aim of trying the multiple adventure activities

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Falls in the Whole Province of Misiones

Besides the Iguazú Waterfalls and the Moconá Falls, the red-soiled province features falls and cascades for all tastes and Oberá is a perfect starting point to visit them.

Hotels and accommodations in Oberá

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