New and Traditional: the Wineries at Maipú

Most Argentinian wineries are located in Maipú. Year after year, new family businesses add up to the already existing venues. They all search for the same thing: to give life to the best wine.

López, A Very Argentinian Classic

There is no Argentinian wine lover who has not shared “a López” with their friends. This winery is situated in the downtown of the City of Maipú and has become a real classic on the tables of the country through several generations.

Its history is an exceptional case in the winegrowing history in Argentina, as it began in 1898 and has remained in the hands of the same founding family ever since. José López Rivas, its founder, reached the area in 1886 from a small town called Algarrobo, in Malaga, Spain, where he and his family used to grow vines and olive trees. A devastating plague forced them to leave Europe in order to settle down in Argentina and in 1898, he became established in Mendoza for good. The weight of winegrowing tradition did not take long to surface.

  • Winery Trapiche

    Winery Trapiche

  • López Winery

    López Winery

  • La Rural

    La Rural

  • Cecchin Family’s Novelty

    Cecchin Family’s Novelty

  • Finca Viña María

    Finca Viña María

Today, guided tours unveil part of that origin and, of course, the effort and the merit of the generations that followed the same tradition of making better and better wines.

Trapiche Winery, another Well-known Name

The beginnings of this today great winery started in 1883 in the hands of Tiburcio Benegas, a businessman from Mendoza. Trapiche is also part of the list of wineries in Mendoza with the biggest trajectory that have now become a classic in the City of Maipú and its surroundings.

This is one of the few local wineries whose managers have a direct blood tie with its founding partners. This fact is told to all visitors at every guided tour.

The history of Trapiche dates back to a small vineyard named ”El Trapiche” (which stands for “the winepress” in Spanish) and started in the District of Godoy Cruz, Province of Mendoza. It was at this time and place where the first pages of this fascinating winegrowing history started to be written.

La Rural Winery or the Origin of Famous Rutini

It is one of the most popular wineries among wine-loving visitors. Founded in the late nineteenth century in the District of Maipú, in Mendoza, it was inaugurated by Italian Felipe Rutini, who already carried his own winegrowing tradition which had started in his hometown: Ascoli Piceno, where he made and commercialized handcrafted wine.

No sooner had he arrived in Argentina than Rutini started his first vineyards in the area known as Coquimbito, in the East of the Province of Mendoza, in the outskirts of Maipú. Late in 1885, he began to build a winery which he came to call “La Rural”. He died in 1919 and, with his widow’s consent, Angel Cavagnaro (his living partner) agreed on the dissolution of the partnership. The company was taken over by the descendants of Rutini, who devoted their lives to continuing the family tradition.

Organic Wine, Cecchin Family’s Novelty

For many people, it is a clear example of the new wineries in Mendoza which, in addition to preserving the family tradition of making wine, have opened their gates to visitors in novel ways to become a tourist attraction themselves. They are bike tour destinations and excellent spots to have lunch under a hundred-year-old shady medlar tree.

In 1910, Santiago Cecchin emigrated from Treviso, Italy heading for Mendoza, where he started to build his future. He had seven children who helped him work the land. In 1927, Santiago left these youngsters his knowledge and the task of preserving tradition. In 1959, two of his children -don Pedro and don Jorge Cecchin- fulfilled the dream of owning vineyards and a winery. Today, the tradition remains in the hands of Alberto Cecchin, don Jorge’s grandnephew.

Finca Viña Maria, Tasting and Staying at a Winery

Also part of the Wine Road, this small winery is ideal to visit with the family and to go on a guided tour to discover the secrets of boutique wine-making, which implies quality more than quantity.

Vineyards and olive tree plantations may also be seen at this estate. Furthermore, this venue includes a bed-and-breakfast ideal to spend the night and enjoy this winery.

The Cavagnaro family has been participating in winegrowing activities ever since 1889, when don Ángel Cavagnaro arrived in Coquimbito, Maipú, from his native Genoa. Ángel Cavagnaro planted his first vines in Coquimbito and built his house there. Today, part of that house may be enjoyed by guests, along with a visit to its hundred-year-old cellar.

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