History of Maipú

Today, the Province of Mendoza, along with the City of Maipú and its surroundings, shelters an unthinkable number of wineries. This history of effort and sacrifice dates back from the early 1800s, when a great deal of immigrants and visionary men started to give life and water to this desert, which they slowly changed into an oasis. In Maipú, the richness of the soils and their mineral features in combination with the local micro climate have succeeded in giving origin to the best wines, which have been granted several awards all throughout the various generations. Consequently, the area has been declared First Winegrowing Zone in Argentina. Whoever tours around Maipú cannot miss a visit to the National Wine and Winegrowing museum, which treasures the secret of the beginnings of this story and gives detailed account of the life of two families to whom the city has much to thank. Nowadays, wine is the national Argentinian beverage. Though times have changed, Giol was once based in the City of Maipú, the largest winery in the world. An old memory that comes to life when thousands of tourists cross its doors and understand the reasons for the effort and the passion of the winemakers and the entire people of Mendoza, year after year, when it is time for the grape harvest.
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