Take Home a Little Portion of El Calafate

The best options to take home an authentic souvenir from El Calafate.

When it comes to choosing a good memory from El Calafate, there are plenty of offers. The point is to know where and what to buy in order to make sure we take home a local product. There are many of them and even if it sounds like a hard task, it is not impossible.

After taking a nap, we went for a walk around the downtown. The stores were opening their gates again offering their treasures and we were eager to see them.

Undoubtedly, the best woven items are sold at Andino Patagónica. As we entered this very complete store, we found parkas and ponchos made with pure sheep wool, spun both by hand and on the loom, and tinged with natural processes based on yerba, beets or calafate. There are products for all tastes and sizes which combine the warmth of craftsmanship with rustic designs. Prices are quite affordable.

  • There are plenty of offers

    There are plenty of offers

  • Hand-woven and woven yarn

    Hand-woven and woven yarn

  • A subtle ethnic touch to the environments

    A subtle ethnic touch to the environments

  • An interesting afternoon of shopping

    An interesting afternoon of shopping

We left the store to keep on walking. There was still much to see. The streets of the city were filled with life.

We entered Pueblo Indio to buy some decoration items. The vivid colors of the store perfectly frame the items for sale. An ideal ethnic touch for the incredible posters with Mapuche, Tehuelche and northern Argentinian patterns.

There are so many pretty things that we could not choose what to buy. But if there is a typical thing from El Calafate, that is its flavors. Therefore, we left towards Tatela.

As we entered that store, the sweet aroma combined with the smell of wood became impregnated in our senses. The sculptures in native wood, the liqueur and jams made with calafate and rhubarb carry the southern Patagonian imprint.

After an interesting afternoon shopping, we headed for Laguna Negra (Lake Black) to call it a day in the sweetest way possible. There are options for all tastes. It is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth. We ordered a cup of hot chocolate and a delicious piece of cake.

We went back to our cabin feeling satisfied with what we had bought and packed those items carefully. It was time to go back home an it is always a nice thing to have a little piece of El Calafate on a shelf and look at it whenever we miss this amazing city.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Karina Jozami


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