A glacier with Marpatag

Seeing the glaciers from a close distance and being astonished at the majesty of their enormous pieces of ice is possible by means of this excursion.

Glaciers never cease to surprise us. One of the best tempting ideas is to go on an all-day outing on board the Leal cruiseship around the channels that connect the Patagonian continental ice fields. The vessel accesses the western face of the Upsala Glacier and then the immensity of the Spegazzini Glacier.

It all started on a sunny morning at 9am at Puerto Bandera, in the company of the people from junto a la gente de MarPatag, a company run by expert sailors. The boat that was awaiting us at the pier, where the skipper and his crew welcomed us to set sail at once.

The Leal has all the necessary comfort to make passengers feel at ease at all times. The main room is imposing with its panoramic large windows and its tables and fluffy armchairs. The music and the friendliness of the staff made us feel as if we were at home. Outside, several decks offered a direct view of the surroundings.

  • Truly natural spectacle

    Truly natural spectacle

  • Glaciers never cease to surprise us

    Glaciers never cease to surprise us

  • We were astonished

    We were astonished

  • Retain so much beauty

    Retain so much beauty

We were astonished to see the blue ice-floes drifting on the cold waters in anticipation of the proximity of the Upsala Glacier. Our cameras captured those impressive images so that we could retain so much beauty. We stayed in front of that huge wall of ice for a long while. Afterwards, the ship approached the shore and we caught glimpse of a cascade. We grabbed a piece of ice which we later turned into a sculpture.

Spegazzini, Here We Go

We went on sailing across Lake Argentino but this time southwards to reach the Spegazzini Channel. The boat moved in a relaxed fashion, without haste, until it reached the glacier. We enjoyed that icy monument in Los Glaciares National Park to the utmost. As we tasted a spectacular lunch, we were dazzled by one of the most eye-catching scenes in the country.

As we admired the glacier walls, ranging from 80 to 135 meters of height, we confirmed that all glaciers are different. While we were having lunch, the Spegazzini showed off its amazing hues and we were speechless.

Once in Puesto Vacas, the guides helped us land and we shared a nice memorable walk. We made several stops to take pictures of what we saw and when the sun set, we started our way back.

The tour on this luxurious watercraft concluded at the very sport where it had begun: Punta Bandera. All the passengers agreed that the vastness of these thousand-year-old glaciers causes sensations second to none.

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