Laguna Nimez Bird Sanctuary

A tour around wonderful Laguna Nimez Reserve shows a space teeming with a kind of wildlife worthy of admiration.

As the day broke and we finished our breakfast at the hotel, we set out towards Laguna Nimez Bird Sanctuary, lying just one kilometer away from downtown El Calafate, very close to Lago Argentino. We had been advised to visit this place at dawn so as to enjoy the moment nature wakes up.

At the entrance, we met our guides and saw a plant collection where the various species we would come across during the tour were described. We moved slowly and stopped several times to appreciate the natural wonders featured by this venue. At certain spots, we found signs containing information that helped us understand and learn more about the surrounding scenery.

As we walked on, we came to several panoramic points that showed us how the different water species feed and nestle and the scrubs and reed beds where they rest.
The local birds become perfectly mingled with the wide variety of flora that populates the reserve. As indicated by the park rangers, we observed those wonderful creatures while keeping a sensible distance so as not disturb their ecosystem. Nevertheless, like all good hosts, those colorful and magnificent birds would open their wings to salute us, as if celebrating our visit.

We caught a glimpse of upland geese, silvery grebes, large groups of flamingos, black-necked swans, black-faced ibis, lapwings, ducks, red-gartered coots, sparrow hawks and chimangos resting on the reed bed. We were told that other 70 species dwell in the reserve.

  • Flamingos


  • Municipal Reservation

    Municipal Reservation

  • The exquisite regional wildlife

    The exquisite regional wildlife

  • The ideal environment to relax

    The ideal environment to relax

  • Magnificent birds

    Magnificent birds

In the afternoon, we stopped for a snack. The landscape and the harmonious warbling of the birds created a spectacular atmosphere, almost as if we were within a dream. As the tour ended, we walked 500 meters and reached grand Lago Argentino and Bahía Redonda.

The park rangers at this reserve, which extends for approximately 2,500 meters, are proud of their paradise. They invited us to return in the winter to see the most delightful natural ice-skating rink.

We were certain we would come back. There were still too many things to discover at that reserve where a treasure awaits at every nook.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Jorge González

DurationDuration: 2 hours

Bear in mindBear in mind: * Carry some binoculars to observe the behaviour of birds and try to keep quiet to listen to their songs. Brusque movements make animals scared.
* In miradors and shelters you can rest and watch animals without disturbing them.
* You can use guide books to identify species and study their habits, what will help you find them. You can have a list in the interpretation center.
* Remember that it is not convenient to feed animals since dependance from man should be avoided.
* Pets are not allowed.
* Waste must be deposited in the corresponding containers.

If you bear this in mind you will contribute for future generations to enjoy this beautiful spectacle that will captivate all your senses.


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