Photo Gallery in El Calafate

Perito Moreno Glacier The carts on San Martín Avenue Walichu rest area Cold edges Upsala Glacier Trekking on the Perito Moreno Glacier Stone craftsman Perito Moreno Glacier Volar en tirolesa, Cañadón del Arroyo Calafate Postcards of southern <i>estancias</i> The great wall Viedma Glacier Panoramic view of the Perito Moreno Glacier Perito Moreno Glacier Gral. San Martín Avenue Regional souvenirs Future sweaters Downtown coffee-house Actividades de montaña, sobre un cañadón a 30 metros de altura Perito Moreno Glacier Delicious dish Adrenalina y aventura en la montaña On board the mini-trekking tour Casino life Perito Moreno Glacier Beholding the glacier El Calafate downtown Trekking Mount Frias Air view of the glacier Handcrafted leather Traditional restaurant Regional <i>estancias</i> Perito Moreno Glacier northern view Paredes de roca sedimentaria de 27 metros de altura Surrounded by ocher and blue hues End of the crossing Martín, the guide Santa Cruz Bank A memory for life Imposing view Trying to understand nature A night with a full moon Los Glaciares National Park Ice-climbing on the glacier Moored at Puerto Bandera Balcony overlooking the ice A postcard of the south A toast on the ice Contrasts <i>Estancia</i> at Lake Roca Lake Roca Navigation to the glacier Patagonian flavors Something to remember Tirolesa de 160 metros de largo, cruzando el Cañadón del Arroyo Calafate In front of the glacier Walkways to the glacier Capturing the scene Craftsmen's Market Glacier pond Regional woven items Unfurled over the ice Night visit with a full moon Drinking <i>mate</i> and waiting Ornaments and gifts Walkways The heart of the glacier Trekking on the ice Patagonian lamb A character at the shelter

Photo credits: Jorge González (4) Cristina Sabaliauskas - (97) Pablo Etchevers (1) Enjoy! (183) Karina Jozami (32)

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