Non conventional Excursion to Moreno Glacier

A new alternative to visit Moreno Glacier is this non conventional excursion through a trail adjacent to the usual one, where you will learn about the history of estancias in this region and its rich flora and fauna.
This outing is hired in local agencies.

You will be transferred from your hotel and driven along Av. Libertador General San Martín to Fielberg street and then to the left to gradually leave civilization along a debris road.

The guide will tell you about the history of El Calafate, the pillars of the region, and the times when this area a stopover in the long journeys during wool transportation to Río Gallegos.

You will pass by Estancia Anita, a large estancia where rural workers were assassinated in 1920 during a strike for a better pay.
  • Moreno Glacier

    Moreno Glacier

  • Will learn about the history of estancias

    Will learn about the history of estancias

  • Non conventional excursion

    Non conventional excursion

  • Estancia Nibepo Aike

    Estancia Nibepo Aike

  • A path different from the usual

    A path different from the usual

  • Los Glaciares National Park

    Los Glaciares National Park

While you listen to the guide you will be able to watch the birds in the region. The truck will slow down for you to observe these species and take pictures.

It is very likely that you see wild cats, ducks, caracaras, american ostriches, hawks, bald eagles, upland geese, skunks, or even flamingoes in lakes along the way.

You will stop to see a series of rocky mountains forming an image known as Sleeping Indian Woman, and also Estancia Anita. Lodging can be booked in the well known Estancia Alta Vista.
As you go on travelling you will get closer to Los Glaciares National Park.

You will notice that the vegetation changes from steppe to forest. This phenomenon is due to a decrease of precipitations to the east, what generates an ecotone where some species characteristic from the forest coexist with those from the steppe.

When you access to Los Glaciares National Park you must pay a fee to attend to the unforgettable spectacle of Moreno Glacier.
This National Park has a surface of 600.000 has. on the south east of Santa Cruz province. This protected area was created in 1937, and in 1971 were established its present limits by Law 19.292. In 1981 it was declared World Heritage by the UNESCO.

Moreno Glacier will come into view and disappear as you travel through the winding debris road. On your left you will see Branch Rico of Lake Argentino with its milky waters from the glacier. After you pass the "curve of sighs" the glacier comes all into your senses.
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