Corredor Costa Sur

The Patagonian Beaches corridor, in the Provinces of Río Negro and Chubut, offers an excellent touristic combination, where kilometers of temperate waters and a variety of landscapes mingle with majestic cliffs, dunes, shoals, with countless fishing as well as sports and recreational possibilities.

These coasts present an extraordinary diversity where sandy or muddy beaches alternate with pebble accumulations, quartz rock massifs or abrupt cliffs.

The coastline has an extension of 4,500 km. The cold current called the Falkland Current, which flows to the North, meets with the warm Current of Brazil, with its subtropical species of animals.

The most renowned city in this area is Puerto Madryn, known as the starting point for most of whale watching tours.

This corridor joins different cities as well as routes and provincial roads through National Route Nº 3 to get to all the beaches in this region.

Recommended activities

Total: 62 tours and excursions.
Sightseeing Tour around Carmen...

Viedma - Río Negro

Sightseeing Tour around Carmen...

Carmen de Patagones invites tourists to discover its history on their own. A trip to the past to understand the present and the future.

SCUBA Diving in Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn - Chubut

SCUBA Diving in Puerto Madryn

We dived in the Golfo Nuevo, one of the most coveted destinations in the world to practice this activity. Discover the Scuba Diving Capital in Argentina.

Pueblo de Luis, Life Stories

Trelew - Chubut

Pueblo de Luis, Life Stories

Entering Pueblo de Luis Museum is being touched by each memory, photograph or story showing the birth and growth of a town with Welsh roots in the middle of the Patagonian desert.

Map of Corredor Costa Sur

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