Lago Puelo

Lago Puelo Lago Puelo - Photos: Luciano Rodriguez

Situated on the Northwest of the Province of Chubut, Villa Lago Puelo is part of the 42nd parallel Shire, the land of the best hop to brew craft beer.

This famous parallel is the same that crosses the Australian State of Tasmania. This zone features a unique micro-climate share with other neighboring cities such as El Bolsón, El Hoyo, Epuyén, Cholila and El Maitén.

Watched by Mount Currumahuida and facing Lake Puelo, this place was originally dwelled by the Mapuche people. It was this people, precisely, who named this spot “Puelo”, which stands for “eastern waters” or “end of the way”.

The first Neighbors’ Committee that gave origin to this small village was created in 1928. Though this city does not surpass ten thousand steady denizens, thousands of tourists invade the local cabins, inns and accommodation venues in the summer season.

Its boundaries are worth mentioning. The milestones that separate this town from Chile lie just 7 kilometers away. To the north, it borders on El Bolsón and to the South on Lago Puelo National Park.

As the summer comes, adventure travel and recreational activities take hold of the entire scene. Lake tours, hiking, climbing and horseback riding are the most popular choices among adrenaline enthusiasts. In the meantime, fly-fishing is enjoyed by those who prefer to make contact with nature in a more relaxed and contemplative way.

Every year, the National Forest and its Environment Festival is organized by the local community. Not only does it lure tourists from the entire region but also residents from nearby populations who come along to gather, just like the native peoples used to do hundreds of years ago.

The steady number of tourists this destination receives has managed to give life to this paradise year round.

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Lago Puelo

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