Camarones Camarones - Photos: Jorge González

The City of Camarones features incredible surroundings. The sea, the mountain range and the panoramic views that lure tourists year round to come to this beautiful town and enjoy its streets and its picturesque houses.

Foxes, rheas, Patagonian hares, guanacos and skunks on solid ground; sea lions, Commersons’ dolphins and penguins in the water. They all embody some of the wildlife specimens that may be watched around Camarones.

The most representative natural attractions of Camarones are its shores and coral reefs, today populated by mussels, clams, octopuses and vieyras, which in turn give origin to the main courses at the restaurants in this eye-catching city.

Those who enjoy angling will find generous possibilities of catching the most varied specimens. At the same time, its waters are also ideal for SCUBA divers and underwater fishermen, due to their high level of oxygen and transparency.

The City of Camarones has a steady population of a thousand denizens, which increases in the summer.

A small fishing port with its own shipyards and some companies dealing with the collection of seaweed are part of Camarones, where the Salmon Festival is held every year in February.

At Cape Dos Bahías, close to the penguin colony and Caleta Sara resort, visitors may access Arce Island viewpoint, from where they can catch a glimpse of whatever direction they like.

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