Photo Gallery in Chajarí

Chajarí hot springs Chajarí hot springs Chajarí hot springs Local fruit Main square Children's park Entrance arch Hot spring resort Justo José de Urquiza's Bust Chajarí's aeroclub Municipal state of arms Quiet strolls Town Hall Amusement in the hot springs 9 de Julio Ave. Pool for the disabled Tambór de Tacuarí Park Casino Hot springs Senior citizens' square Gral. Urquiza Square Hot spring water cascade Modern architecture Flight school Sculpture of the hot springs Access through Padre Gallay Ave. Total relax in the hot springs Ice-cream shop Small friend Screened hot spring pool Children's park C A S R Enjoying the hot springs Very complete hot spring resort Hector H. Zucco sculpture View of the hot spring resort Senior citizens' square Quality and style Open pools Space for children Ample avenues 37º degrees Chajarí Town Hall Hot spring fountains Pool for disabled people

Photo credits: Jorge González (4)
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