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Contemplative Tourism

Balneario: Sand and Sunshine in Bulk

The swim hole on the shores of Lake Salto Grande is part of Chajarí's daily life. Every member of the family may find a good recreation option at this spot year round.


Chajarí Hot Springs

Anything is possible with water and, when it is thermal, anything may be attained with it. The truth is that this quiet city in Entre Ríos...

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Citrus Culture Festival

In the land of white blossoms, of good sunshine and the rhythm of the <i>Litoral</i> music, a gathering is held every year in which the daily task of citrus producers is praised.

Contemplative Tourism

City tour around Chajarí, A City of Friends

From the moment we set foot on it, Chajarí shows off its unhurried pace in the streets typical of a provincial town which makes contrast with its dynamic commercial center.

Festival Nacional del Chamamé

Ya un clásico de Entre Ríos, el Festival Nacional del Chamamé en Federal vuelve a convocar los fanáticos y seguidores de este ritmo tradicional argentino.

Contemplative TourismFishing

Lake and River Fishing

The territory of Entre Ríos is rich in waterways, where the taste for fishing remains in fashion. Chajarí contributes to the fish richness of the province.

Contemplative Tourism

Tourism in Entre Ríos, "a different land"

No sooner is this province mentioned than we immediately think about the Littoral, the colors of its carnivals, the spectacular sizes of their fish, its benevolent hot spring waters and its beaches packed with visitors...

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