Resistencia Resistencia - Photos: Secretaría de Turismo de la Nación Argentina
Situated in the northeast of Argentina, 8 km away from Barranqueras Port and 10 km away from Vilelas Port, Resistencia is the Capital City of Chaco Province.

One can get to this region by plane to the city airport or by bus or car through Nº11 National Route.

The climate of Resistencia is subtropical without dry season presenting high temperatures that range from 21º to 33ºC in Summer while, in Winter, the climate is mild with minimum temperatures of 10ºC and maximum temperatures of 22ºC. There are heavy rains during the whole year.

Popularly known as "The city of the Sculptures" due to the fact that there are more than a hundred of them in the open air giving Resistencia a modern design together with its squares, woods and excursions where mural paintings of well known argentinian artists can be enjoyed.

This city combines the excellent architecture of the beginning of the XX Century with the exuberant nature which is unique in the region.
From Resistencia City, one can go on amusing tours or excursions - fishing in Paraná River, visiting San Fernando de Río Negro Abipone Indians Settlement, Villa Paranacito Resort and the various museums.

A few kilometers away, one can visit Corrientes City through the Barranqueras port area and General Belgrano Bridge. In the surroundings, regional products and pottery, bows, arrows, baskets, weaves and leather crafts are available.

Other interesting sites to visit include Guacara Ruins, Makallé old Fortress, San Buenaventura del Monte Alto Indians Settlement, Puerto Bermejo and Las Palmas Town.


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