Along the Streets of Caviahue

The streets of Caviahue are lively all year round thanks to the people who come to do mountain sports or simply relax.

The zigzagging roads in the north of Neuquén climb mountains, go along valleys and lead to towns like Caviahue, which grew next to the lake it takes its name from. Its ski center, peaceful surroundings and proximity to Copahue make it an ideal destination for both relaxation and recreation.

When we went for a walk in the town, we noticed how handy everything is and how townsfolk love peace and quiet, a slow lifestyle. They welcome visitors as friends and are always willing to share daily activities.

The view from the coast of the lake was breathtaking, the smooth surface a perfect mirror image of the clouds, hills and the town itself. No matter the season, it is advisable to park the car and walk along the center to see its main buildings. The Town Hall, Cultural and Convention Center, Church and Buta Piren Mahuida Library all play an important role in community life.

  • Grew next to the lake it takes its name from

    Grew next to the lake it takes its name from

  • Dawns in Caviahue

    Dawns in Caviahue

  • The smooth surface a perfect mirror

    The smooth surface a perfect mirror

  • Peaceful surroundings

    Peaceful surroundings

  • Style mountain village

    Style mountain village

  • Unlike other Patagonian cities

    Unlike other Patagonian cities

Many hotels and streets bear Mapuche names. However, when asking for directions, it is quite usual to hear ‘opposite’, ‘on the corner of’ or ‘next to’ so and so, without mentioning any actual street name.

Wood and stone are commonly used in constructions in this typical mountain town and the long list of hotels is no exception. Several unions have hotels in Caviahue, a clear indication of tourism being at the root of the origin of the city.

Given its altitude, in winter snow paints the town white, streets and monkey puzzle trees in glittering dress. Smoking chimneys provide some heat while turning the sky grayish. The ski center comes to life with the arrival of thousands of skiers and snowboarders ready to enjoy the well-prepared trails and lifts.

The healing powers of its hot springs make internationally renowned thermal spas in Copahue a popular destination during the summer season. Outings to ponds, waterfalls, millenary monkey puzzle woods and spectacular scenic points are readily available.

Sports fans make ample use of the trekking trails of different difficulty levels to reach unbelievable vantage points. Climbing Copahue, the mythic volcano with its strong sulphur smelling crater, is one of the most popular.

Patagonian lamb is the star on the menus whether marinated, cooked on a grill or in a clay oven, it is always delicious.

Although Caviahue comprises only a few blocks, it is gradually expanding thanks to the imagination and good will of its residents. Every year there are new venues where you can meet your friends or make new ones.

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Bear in mindBear in mind: Caviahue is unlike other cities in Patagonia. Although much has been accomplished when you ask for information you get the feeling more is in the making.


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