Sled Ride

A cross-country tour accesses nooks where snow is untouched and the cool breeze caress is felt on the face.

In a small town like Caviahue, it is easy to find the Siberian Husky kennel. This breed is strong and used to the harsh Patagonian life. We wished to take part in an unusual experience on board a sled. And it was at the kennel where we made all the necessary arrangements.

Right before we set out, the doggies were as happy to go on that ride as we were. Javier Álvarez, alma mater of the venue, explained to us that the dogs -born at that location- can sense all the preparations and burst out with joy every time they go on this adventure.

Without haste, Javier prepared the harnesses for the wooden cart equipped with skis. He placed the seat almost at ground level and searched for the seven dogs that would take us for a ride. They were introduced to us: Chopin, Zen, Trixie and Kronic were in front wagging their tails enthusiastically.

The program was to reach the basalt cascade on the Agrio River, one of the typical attractions in the village. We made ourselves comfortable on some cushions and used a blanket to protect us from any splashes. The driver stood at the back and shouted out very precise commands to the dogs.

  • The cool breeze caress is felt on the face

    The cool breeze caress is felt on the face

  • The wooden cart equipped with skis

    The wooden cart equipped with skis

  • La Huella

    La Huella

  • The Siberian

    The Siberian

The distribution of the pack is carried out according to the job each individual has been assigned. The strongest dogs stay near the cart and the ones who lead are at the front. The cart began sliding and we could feel the adrenaline and speed resulting from the impetus with which the dogs set out. Afterwards, their vigor began to settle and we could observe the surroundings more thoroughly. The silence around us was only interrupted by the sound of the skis on the snow.

Marching Commands

There is a sound code between the "pilot" and the dogs, which listen obediently. They recognize the circuits and stop at previously arranged locations. We were interested to know what the Siberian feel during the outing. The guide asserted that "the way they are led, the duration of the ride and their preparation ensures that they do not suffer this activity." As we saw them roll over, nuzzle and pee every now and then, we were convinced that they were happy and enjoying the moment.

We learned the names of the cascades, the native species and some winter secrets in the mountain. We took advantage of that opportunity to take pictures of the beautiful scenes we went through during this expedition.

We discovered the stone pine woods and the rainbow formed at every waterfall. Then we stopped on the shore of Lake Caviahue and went back to Javier's house.

As we shared some delicious mate with home-baked biscuits by the fire in the kitchen, we met his family. We came close to the dog kennel and observed that not all of them were Siberian Huskies. However, they were all well-adapted to the cold temperatures. During the chat, we noticed the love Javier feels for life amidst nature.

In addition to this tour, there other more extreme circuits according to what visitors want. It all depends on the quality of the snow. In other seasons, climbing, hiking and mountain biking are all good excuses to make the most of the mountain.

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