Copahue, Very Close

Open only in the summer, Copahue awakes after the cold winter and becomes a must for visitors to Caviahue.

Copahue is located very near Caviahue and its main feature is that it has an internationally famous hot spring resort. Its waters come from the inside of the Copahue Volcano and have a strong mineral content. In the past, they were known and used by the native populations. At present, they are enjoyed by people coming from different locations to relax or recover from skin or breathing disorders.

During our summer stay in Caviahue, we visited the hot springs and were welcomed by the sulfurous vapor of its outdoor pools and ponds. Following the quiet and relaxed pace of the town, we strolled around its streets to see its guest houses, hotels and cabins, as well as some coquettish tea houses.

People come and go since very early in the day, especialy at the high complexity center. All kinds of Immersion baths with healing are carried out at this venue, including hydro-massage, mud therapy and inhale therapy. These are completed with physiotherapy and dermatology treatments and outdoor baths in charge of specialized technicians and professionals.

It is essential to carry out medical check-ups in order to use the services. Physicians resolve whether baths are suitable for the patients examined, what kind of treatment is the most appropriate for them and for how long.

  • Copahue awakes after the cold winter

    Copahue awakes after the cold winter

  • Open only in the summer

    Open only in the summer

  • From November to May

    From November to May

  • Internationally famous hot spring resort

    Internationally famous hot spring resort

The ponds called Chancho, Verde and Sulfurosa have been there since time immemorial and they are the best-known among the visitors who are used to appreciating their benefits on the body. Immersion is allowed under certain circumstances, as they usually feature very high temperatures. Likewise, there are small smoking fumaroles which emerge from the ground around the venue. It is advised not to come too close to them due to their high temperature and scope.

Many tourists stay at some accommodation venue in Caviahue and travel daily to the hot spring center as they enjoy those kilometers along the road and get ready for relaxation and healing. The dry clean climate adds up to the longed-for welfare sensations.

An interesting piece of information is that in the winter this turns into a ghost town, buried by snow that covers buildings, hotels and cabins completely and just shows the pools with very hot waters. Before this happens, the local denizens cover windows and doors and then abandon their houses.

When the hot spring season comes to an end, it is time to bid farewell and let everything fall asleep. The therapeutic vitality and properties of the waters remain intact until the following summer, when the charm of this town close to Caviahue revives.

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