Towards Nearby Lakes and Cascades

A lake and cascade hidden within a beautiful natural environment are accessible for the family to enjoy a picnic in the open air.

The surroundings of Caviahue cause amazement with their monkey-puzzle tree woods, typical of the area, and the presence of dazzling springs and waterfalls. Reaching these nooks by car, on foot or on horseback is an unforgettable experience.

We drove to the Tourist Office to ask for a map of the area. We chose to visit a cascade called Escondida and a lake bearing the same name, which stands for "hidden" in Spanish. The road towards this attraction was quite short and amusing. We came across volcanic rocks featuring weird shapes, plenty of fumaroles and fields coming green again after the long winter.

The monkey-puzzle trees appear either isolated or in groups and in some cases they share more humid and gloomy areas close to lenga and ñire woods. These are long-standing species that have endured volcanic eruptions, landslides, fires and very strong winds.

We reached the cascade following a trail with dark sectors and others where wild flowers and bushes bloom in the sunshine. As we stood before the 15-meter-high waterfall, we were speechless. We took some photographs, especially of the aljaba or chilco -a variety of fuchsia- growing on the shores thanks to the humidity and the protection provided by the other plants.

It was at this spot where we enjoyed a snack before we continued up to Lake Escondida. At the highest point, we caught a panoramic view of the area. We could clearly observe the village, Lake Caviahue and the neighboring valleys with their small creek system. We walked across the marshlands and noticed that the colors of the sky were reflected upon the water. We also became aware of the great deal of birds living in this place.

  • Dazzling springs and waterfalls

    Dazzling springs and waterfalls

  • The monkey-puzzle trees

    The monkey-puzzle trees

  • Located a few kilometers away from the district

    Located a few kilometers away from the district

  • Water bodies

    Water bodies

  • Natural wonders

    Natural wonders

All along the hike, the Copahue Volcano was part of the view. As we returned, we heard that these outings are done with the help of snowshoes, skis or snowmobiles during the winter. There are many ways to see the wonders lying close to the villages of Caviahue and Copahue, regardless of the season.

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