Things to do in Caviahue

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HydrotherapyContemplative Tourism

Along the Streets of Caviahue

The streets of Caviahue are lively all year round thanks to the people who come to do mountain sports or simply relax.

AdventureContemplative Tourism

At a Caterpillar’s Pace towards the Volcano

A vehicle specially prepared to sort out the mountainous slope of the volcano goes on a unique ride to the top and leads passengers towards a pond of sulfurous waters.

Contemplative Tourism

Brave Riders at the Mapuche Loom Festival

Attending rodeo and <i>criollo</i> skill events is a way of getting deep into the rural culture. The Mapuche Loom Festival gathers significance and attendants year after year...


Copahue, Very Close

Copahue is a small settlement that developed as a result of its hot spring center and has become a tourist destination.


Fly-fishing in Caviahue

Caviahue may not be listed among the biggest salmonidae fishing environments in Patagonia, but it lodges plenty of these specimens. One just needs to know how to search for them and how to approach them.

HydrotherapySki & Snowboard

Ski in Caviahue

With the portentous scenography of millenary araucarias, and conjugating ski with the best thermal therapies, you will find in this resort...

AdventureContemplative Tourism

Sled Ride

When the winter comes, a ride on a sled pulled by trained dogs and guided by experts unveils the surroundings of Caviahue.


Snowmobile Ride

We challenged the mountain on board a snowmobile, sliding over untouched powder snow towards the outskirts of Caviahue.

Contemplative Tourism

Summer Cattle Transhumance

While traveling the solitary local roads, it is amazing to find a great deal of goats being driven to better lands by the <i>Mapuche</i> communities.

Contemplative Tourism

Sunset at Lake Hualcupén

Very close to Caviahue, following a secondary road, a magical spot is accessed. The surrounding mountains and the community that lives there in the summer are reflected on the small lake of crystal-clear waters.

Contemplative Tourism

The Mapuche Loom Festival

Nestled in a valley and witnessed by a stunning mountain range, the Loom Festival is the scenery chosen by Mapuche communities to display their woven articles...

Ski & SnowboardContemplative Tourism

The Spirit of Caviahue

We skied among ancient monkey puzzles in the Caviahue Ski Resort. We enjoyed the powder snow and experienced all the trails of the resort.

Tourism in Neuquén

The tourist attractions boasted by the Province of Neuquén throughout its territory are multiple and each region has a particular feature.

Contemplative Tourism

Towards <i>Salto del Agrio</i>

There is no doubt that one of the most delightful sites in the surroundings of Caviahue is <i>Salto del Agrio</i>: a curious geographical point of special natural characteristics.

HydrotherapyContemplative Tourism

Towards Lonquimay through Pino Hachado

Lonquimay and Manzanar hot springs in Chile are "the icing on the cake" for a circuit that gets deep into sites of great scenic beauty to both sides of the Andes.

Contemplative Tourism

Towards Nearby Lakes and Cascades

In the summer, the water bodies lying near Caviahue seem to awake, show their crystal-clear essence and its rising vegetation.

Hotels and accommodations in Caviahue

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