Theater on the Delta Islands

The dream has come true. A group of islanders gets together every weekend at the Delta to enjoy popular theater. Sponsored by Norman Briski, the Arroyo Felicaria Popular Theater Workshop is one of the new attractions at the Delta, an amazing place indeed.

We met the neighbors of Asociación de Fomento del Arroyo Felicaria at the Felicaria Football Club in order to inaugurate the theater workshop we had dreamed about for so long.

“On April 26, 2009 the magic began”, we might say to start telling this story.

Along with one of our distinguished neighbors, Mr. Norman Briski, we are part of a matchless experience called “popular theater”. It consists in a group of non-actors (in this case, the dwellers of the Delta islands) starting to pretend we are actors.

Gathered in a round, our director started the workshop. Almost without noticing it, we began to feel more uninhibited. We felt the pleasure to express ourselves, the courage to say and do, the absence of shyness, the laughter, the taste for sharing. We imitated the birds’ songs. We got on the chairs and tried to play a role. We were dogs. We let our hands go.

  • A group of islanders

    A group of islanders

  • We are part of a matchless experience

    We are part of a matchless experience

  • Popular theater

    Popular theater

These informal meetings gradually turned into regular encounters held on Saturdays. This is how the Arroyo Felicaria Popular Theater Workshop was formed.

Norman Briski wrote a play called The River’s Eye. It is about the old times at the Delta in Tigre, when it all began and it spans until today through several characters that represent what our beloved Delta used to be and what it is changing into.

Andrés Bailot, assistant and director of the well-known actor, has been in charge of this play from the very beginning. He is the director and coordinator of this dream.

Ever since, the play has become more and more colorful and professional and it has succeeded in making a group of people feel motivated by a noble cause: doing theater and showing it around the various schools at the Delta, at the local social clubs and also in the Federal District, where citizens can learn about the lifestyle, feelings and dreams of the islanders who live where the land and creek entwine, barely one hour away from Buenos Aires.

We would like to show what we do and especially to invite you to let The River’s Eye reach the hearts of all the people who are fortunate enough to see this play.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Pablo Etchevers