Tigre Art Museum

There are many reasons for visiting the Tigre Art Museum: one of the iconic buildings in Tigre and a collection of perfectly preserved art by the river.

Tigre Community Hall and Tigre Art Museum are at the end of Victorica Avenue, one of the most picturesque walks along the Luján River in Tigre. Both the present and the past (and our heritage) are hidden in this spot.

Although the dome of the former Tigre Club (now site of the Art Museum) can be seen from afar, we are none the less surprised by the garden, the enormous terrace and its balustrade and the modern outdoor sculptures. The building itself seems to have been magically transported from Europe, reminding us of a different society, mundane, bourgeois last century Tigre.

The building which today houses the museum has the imprint of an age. Opened in 1912, it is but one of many examples of the numerous buildings which flooded Argentina during the Centennial. Tigre Club (and Tigre Hotel which used to stand next to it but no longer exists) was built by a society longing for a social center to encourage entertainment. The casino was on the ground floor, and the huge oval room on the first floor was the ballroom.

  • A landmark building

    A landmark building

  • The building looks fallen in Europe

    The building looks fallen in Europe

  • Historical heritage in its entire splendor

    Historical heritage in its entire splendor

  • In the Delta, facing the sun

    In the Delta, facing the sun

However, the glory of Tigre Club did not last long. The economic crisis in 1930 and the 1933 law prohibiting gambling resulted in its decadence and eventual abandonment. It was only in 1974 that the Community Hall expropriated the building and opened the Tigre Art Museum in 2006.

Today we can enjoy this example of historical heritage in its entire splendor. The Carrara marble staircase, the Slavonian oak floors, the Venetian mirrors, the bronze railings, the crystal chandeliers, everything spotlessly shining.

In accord with its Belle Epoque atmosphere, the Tigre Art Museum has a permanent collection of Argentinian figurative art ranging from the end of the 19th to the mid 20th century. Great masters and a tradition which could have been shown at Tigre Club.

Organized in different sectors (art representing the Delta, a historical room for the precursors to Argentinian art, Nexus group, La Boca group) the collection shows both the continuity and the evolution of fascinating and varied art. Those in search of the renowned masters will find works by Quirós, Carlos Pellegrini, Sívori, Quinquela Martín, Berni, Soldi and Spilimbergo.

Visiting the Tigre Art Museum is a way of discovering the past of Argentina.
A peaceful museum in the Delta, facing the sun.

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