San Julián

San Julián San Julián - Photos: Jorge González

The port of San Julián lies in San Julián Bay, between Cabo Curioso (Cape Curious) and Punta Desengaño (Deception Point) on the Atlantic coastline of the Province of Santa Cruz. On a semiarid high plateau with scarce vegetation hit by the typical Patagonian wind, it dominates a part of the hillsides.

Featuring high temperature extremes throughout the year, it has hot summers ideal for beach life and harsh winters with temperatures below zero. The tides change throughout the day and constantly alter the physiognomy of the coast.

Puerto San Julián is accessed through National Route 3 and lies 2,252 kilometers away from Buenos Aires, 461 kilometers from Comodoro Rivadavia and 360 from Río Gallegos. Long-distance bus lines reach the city from several points in the country and regional airlines operate in the local airport.

The arrival of the European immigrants ever since 1900 co-existed with various kinds of constructions that gave origin to an eclectic architecture. Thus, the Magellanic architecture arose.

The coastline circuit is dwelled by colonies of sea lions and elephant seals, penguins and representatives of seabirds. The prevailing ecosystem on San Julian peninsula is protected by a natural reserve, a propitious site for scientific observation.

The various tours starting at San Julián provide direct contact with nature and wildlife mapping is one of the main attractions in the district, whether by water or land, in the company of specialized guides.

A curious fact about San Julián is that it lies below MSL. Large extensions of solid salt and Laguna del Carbón (Coal’s Lagoon), a site of geomorphological and paleontological interest, lie 66 kilometers away, on the deepest depression. Mega and micro-fossils in tertiary deposits unique in the world exist in the entire region.

In the deep ravines and rock formations of volcanic origin, 150 kilometers away from San Julián, there lies La María archeological site. Cave paintings dating from over 10,000 years ago give testimony of the past. The drawings feature human and animal figures during hunting scenes and the daily life of the former dwellers of this area.

The economy of San Julián revolves around two main industries: fishing and mining. Canned food and cooled sea products are manufactured at the port for export. On the other hand, the extraction of clay, kaolin, copper and sodium chloride is industrialized.

Via Lucis Theme Park lies 8 kilometers away from San Julián. Access to the park is free of charge. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is revived through a 14-station tour. This theme park is worshipped by local denizens as well as by visitors who arrive from faraway places to revive their faith.

San Julián offers enough attractions to encourage those who travel to the confines of the country and wish to get deep into their wild sceneries.

San Julián

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