Pico Truncado

Pico TruncadoPico Truncado - 1and 3: Oscar Fanesi 2: Marcelo Fuhr

Surrounded by the typical scene of the Patagonian steppe, Pico Truncado is an oil city in the north of the Province of Santa Cruz, in the District of Deseado.

The town is accessed through National Route 3 up to Caleta Olivia. At this point, visitors should take Provincial Route 12 towards the West and travel 59 kilometers.

This is the third most important city in the Province of Santa Cruz. It was founded in 1910 as one of the major railway stations joining Puerto Deseado and Las Heras.

In addition to being an oil city par excellence, it has a significant gas deposit which supplies the City of Buenos Aires through the Southern Gas Pipeline.

Testimonies of the presence of the first men in America are preserved at Pico Truncado. The first peoples dwelled this region 13,000 years ago and left evidence of their culture and cave paintings.

A visit to the Piedra Museo and Los Toldos sites, lying 250 and 140 kilometers away from the district, respectively, will show the changes experienced throughout the various ages and periods.

Laguna de los Patos (Lake of the Ducks), located a few minutes away from the city, is the perfect finale for lovers of wildlife mapping, as the water body concentrates a wide range of water birds, including ruddy-headed geese, great bustards, flamingoes and black-necked swans.

A few kilometers away, where the wind becomes the great protagonist, the place known as Ciudad Sonora (Sounding City) may be visited. It consists of sculptures made by international artists playing with the wind and making different sounds. In the meantime, Jorge Romanutti Wind Park and its two generators, supply 30 per cent of the total local electricity demand.

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