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Los Antiguos Los Antiguos -Fotos: Jorge González

To the south of Lake Buenos Aires and on the shores of the river bearing the same name, there lies the coquettish City of Los Antiguos, which stands 64 kilometers away from Perito Moreno and 893 from Río Gallegos in Santa Cruz.

Immersed in the surroundings of a prodigious landscape where rivers, a lake and important snow-capped peaks of the Andes Mountain Range stand out, the City of Los Antiguos has an ideal microclimate and a singular irrigation system made up by channels.

In the center of the city, the main street in Los Antiguos was named Boulevard 11 de Julio and it is one of the most popular among tourists and local denizens.

Lake Buenos Aires is the second largest in South America -after Lake Titicaca, in Bolivia- and its waters feature a deep blue hue second to none. It ends at the Pacific Ocean through the Baker River, the most plentiful in the trans-Andean country. Salmon, trout and perch are caught there. Anglers from Argentina and the entire world are lured by its waters.

The City of Los Antiguos lies very close to the Chilean border. This represents another attraction to visit this beautiful country. Of course, it is necessary to go through Customs in order to enter Chile.

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