Gobernador Gregores

Gobernador Gregores Gobernador Gregores - 1. Karina Jozami - 2 y 3. Dirección de Turismo de Gobernador Gregores.

In the Province of Santa Cruz, Gobernador Gregores lies only 85 kilometers away from Lake Cardiel, considered as the lake featuring the richest fish life.

The desertification hitting Santa Cruz has given origin to a productive diversification program with activities featuring a lower risk than sheep husbandry. Its aim is to search for an alternative that may protect the environment and in turn be profitable for the local dwellers. The District of Gobernador Gregores is a pilot area for this program.

Nestled in a site of incredible beauty, during the last few years Gobernador Gregores has managed to become consolidated as an ideal location to enjoy rural and estancia tourism. Thus, over thirty estancias have learned to show visitors their daily tasks, combined with recreational activities such as horseback riding, fishing outings and hiking tours along natural trails.

Besides tourism, many local denizens have specialized in agricultural production of non-conventional goods. Growing tulips has already become a classic at Gobernador Gregores.

Perfect for the development of rural and estancia tourism, Gobernador Gregores is a must visit in the Province of Santa Cruz.

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Gobernador Gregores

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