Private Motorbike and License Plate Collection

Both two and four-wheeled vehicles, of national or foreign make, are valuable pieces as they preserve their original characteristics.
A unique museum in San Martín de los Andes displays an exciting world for car and motorbike lovers. Its owner, Daniel Rubinger is an architect who opens the door of his home and personally reveals the secrets behind each and every vintage car and motorbike he lovingly keeps.

When we visited him, we took our time to discover the charm of all the exhibits. Daniel is not just a random collector. His choices are based on his interests. It has taken him many years to build up his collection. He has contacted international clubs and worked on car and motorbike parts to restore them to their original state. ‘Collectors are seekers of the impossible; when they achieve it, they just go for more. That’s the way it works!’ he proudly states.

One by one he showed us his incredible variety of classic motorcycles. Some, like the second series 1957 Puma and the 1962 Tehuelche, are very special because they were made in Argentina. Several emblematic Harley Davidsons of the early twentieth century are proudly displayed, as any bike lover will understand. We really enjoyed his detailed explanation of their characteristics and how hard he works at finding missing parts by following old manuals so they will be fully functional.
  • Love for motorcycles

    Love for motorcycles

  • Licence Plates and motorbikes original

    Licence Plates and motorbikes original

  • 32 Chevrolet year

    32 Chevrolet year

  • Harley Davidson

    Harley Davidson

  • Puma motorcycle

    Puma motorcycle

Two replica 1:6 scale model Harley Davidsons are a work of art, exact reproductions of the bigger machines. One is from 1903 and the other from 1917 and can actually move thanks to a system of pulleys. There are also original tools and accessories in a glass cabinet. A well deserved special place is taken up by a bike with a 38 cc Garelli engine similar to the one Ernesto Che Guevara used on his first trip around Argentina.

The walls are covered in car and bike license plates. Extremely well preserved and carefully classified by region, province, city or town in the case of Argentina, they also include some from Europe. There are private, diplomatic and official ones, with and without designs, the oldest of which came from the City of Buenos Aires.

How did this passion begin? Daniel says it all started when he bought a ’32 Chevy which opened the door to a fascinating world of treasures from the past. This particular car is parked at the back of the garage and its outstanding features are the original paint, exterior horns and antique car hood ornament. Before the advent of the Internet, he used to exchange information and parts with specialized clubs.

He is also the owner of a small but antique collection of stoneware beer bottles. Imported from Scotland, they were then used by breweries in Argentina.

Daniel’s comments make every object worthy of attention, as this professional finds time to devote to his great passion: collecting motorcycles. Why Harley Davidson? Simply because it was his first bike as a young man. Everything in his home has a fascinating story to tell, like rally prizes and the achievements of every manufacturer.


Mónica Pons / Eduardo Epifanio

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Daniel Rubinger
Cortada Los Abedules, (8370) , San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén
Tel: +54 2972-427834

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