Summer at the Town Beach

Lying in the sun, taking a walk, going sailing or simply enjoying the view of the surrounding mountains are some of the activities on the coast of Lake Lacar.
Lake Lacar bay is framed by two hills, Bandurrias and Comandante Díaz and now has the added attraction of a new boardwalk only a few streets from the town centre. Besides its appeal throughout the year, it is particularly delightful in summer, when the temperature and the lack of wind draw people to the beach.

It was redesigned in 2009, gaining importance and visually integrating sites for different nautical activities.

We strolled along its cobbled street and wide, multi-level wooden deck leading to the sandy beach where people were basking in the sun and enjoying the fresh water. Lifeguards kept a lookout from the tower to ensure the swimmers’ safety. A spacious, covered, L-shaped wharf caught our eye and we headed towards it to take some shots of the amazing view of the mountains in the background. Its architectural style is similar to that of many buildings in the area and its size allows several passenger boats to dock at the same time.

Visitors can take a shorter boat ride to Quila Quina or a longer one to Hua Hum. If they want to use their own motorboats, there is a comfortable ramp they can use after the Coast Guard has made sure their nautical permit and safety equipment are in order.
  • The beaches are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike

    The beaches are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike

  • Gently rocking sailing boats lie in wait

    Gently rocking sailing boats lie in wait

  • A remodeled waterfront

    A remodeled waterfront

  • Free space for all

    Free space for all

  • Kayaks for rent

    Kayaks for rent

  • The skate park

    The skate park

  • A beautiful natural setting

    A beautiful natural setting

A few meters from the coast, gently rocking sailing boats lie in wait. We also saw a large amount of kayaks for rent, providing a unique opportunity to safely paddle around the bay.

The first to come to the boardwalk are the people who love walking and rise early to take advantage of the cool morning air and the deserted beach. A little later, it is time for those who enjoy sitting in the sun when there are still few people around.

The beach starts getting busy around noon. Little by little, families, youngsters and couples arrive and stay until the last sun rays disappear behind the hill and the breeze becomes too fresh for comfort. Sometimes, visitors are lucky enough to witness an unforgettable pastel mist hovering in the air.

The boardwalk is a meeting point for many local youngsters who brighten up the afternoons. Tourists like us, simply enjoy the fresh air if no other outing has been booked. Nobody fails to bring mate, soft drinks and something sweet to eat.

‘This sculpture of a family of deer is a town landmark which has been moved from place to place,’ a lady told us as we shared the wooden benches in the little square and admired the deer.

Helmsman Apprentices

We also discovered a kayaking school where some very young, resolute children pirouetted with their big paddles. Later, at the skate park, we spent a few minutes watching a few youngsters in the appropriate sportswear learning or perhaps training on the mini ramp for the February tournament which also includes graffiti, beatbox, hip hop and rap.

There are traditional restaurants and cafés just across the street. During the day, their excellent cuisine and the amazing view can be enjoyed from their wide windows. In the evenings, they are the perfect excuse for a treat and a walk along the new, lit up boardwalk.

The beaches in town are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. A welcome break in a beautiful natural setting. The only thing nature asks in return is to be taken care of and kept clean.
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Useful Data

Bear in mind: Sun lotion, sunscreen and mineral water are essential. The Patagonian sun is ruthless and precautions must be taken to avoid dehydration.

The street along the boardwalk is one way, from General Roca towards Brown street and parking is restricted. To park in the shade of the old, huge trees, drive along General Roca Street.


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