Rowing on the Machónico

Rowing is energizing and provides physical as well as spiritual pleasure. If done in groups, it becomes a highly satisfying kind of amusement.
Very close to San Martín de los Andes, there is the chance to slide on some of the neighboring lake surfaces and spend a memorable day. We arranged an outing with friends from the rowing club in order to sail on several boats. We had our practice on Lakes Machónico and Pichi Machónico with the help of a local instructor and very good weather conditions.

After driving about 30 kilometers along the Seven-Lake Road, Lake Machónico appeared before us with its impeccable calm greenish blue shade. Some meters ahead, a trail made of dirt led us to its shore.

After having neatly prepared each of the boats and distributed the weight properly, we got on board with our own luggage: a rucksack that contained essential items to spend the day.

Everything was ready. We were just waiting for our instructor to say the word and we left. The silent morning invaded everything around during the first meters we sailed. As we saw the land grow distant, we felt lighter and lighter with each movement of the oar in the water.
  • An energy task

    An energy task

  • Physical and spiritual pleasure

    Physical and spiritual pleasure

  • Flush water slide

    Flush water slide

  • Front landscape is as beautiful as it is the later

    Front landscape is as beautiful as it is the later

  • We stopped to share a snack

    We stopped to share a snack

  • The experience was invaluable

    The experience was invaluable

Once in the center of the lake, reflections became more intense and the mountain skyline seemed to contain that huge water pot. We were instructed to keep together during the itinerary until it was time to rest.

Mate con bizcochitos

We made a stop on a vast sandy beach to share a snack. We recovered our strength and let out some logical comments on the outing. What impressed us most was the calmness of the lake and that feeling of stroking the water with every propelling move.

As we were ready, we got on our boats again to enter the Hermoso River, which joins both lakes. It features a zigzagging course with very green vegetation on its banks. We had to concentrate on our tasks to sort out its uneven layout.

When we made contact with Lake Pichi Machónico, we were dazzled by its beauty and its concealed location. As indicated by its Mapuche name, it is small and almost unknown because it is placed within an area isolated from tourist roads.

We stopped at a splendid nook on the coast and shared what we had packed in our rucksacks, mostly mate and bizcochitos. A memorable time indeed. Friendship, comradeship and good vibes emerged as a result of the enthusiasm we had all contributed to this southern sport.

The guide took advantage of that moment to provide some technical tips and increase our knowledge of the activity. He corrected our posture, told us how to straighten our spines and make the most of the strength in our legs during each move. Likewise, he indicated how to place the right fist under the left fist and introduce just the tip of the roar to propel the watercraft during the outing.

When we returned to the starting point, we made sure to leave our boats in perfect condition for the next outing. Those are the rules of the game.

This was a truly valuable experience both for experts and beginners. Among other things, we observed that even though rowers go backwards, the scene in front is as beautiful as the one behind.
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Useful Data

Difficulty: Low and medium.

Duration: According to each outing, half a day or full day with a snack or picnic included.

How to get here: Leaving the city of San Martín de los Andes, take the asphalted route 40 towards Villa La Angostura to the viewpoint of Lake Machónico; Are 30 kilometers. Local operators accompany the tour.

Bear in mind: Rowing is a fascinating sport that may be practiced at any age. It is important to have some basic knowledge and to take all necessary precautions required by local lakes and legal regulations for a safe navigation.

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