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We ate out at Potrero de los Funes. Here we present two gastronomic proposals to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Potrero de los Funes International Hotel Restaurant
There is something excellence hotels stand out for: their gourmet cuisine. Potrero de los Funes International Hotel did not miss this detail and trusted the kitchen of its distinguished restaurant in the hands of chef Aldo Pierobon. Born in Córdoba, he is fond of creating new flavors and succeeds in it.
Wide spaces, minimalist decoration and a soft yellowish lighting provide an intimate atmosphere at dinner time. The polite customized assistance guarantees unforgettable moments. The restaurant has large windows that show a view of the stars reflected on the artificial lake of Potrero.

The devoted chef does not hesitate to tempt customers to taste the delicious dishes he himself creates. Even if his creations are slightly reminiscent of ethnic cuisine, Aldo manages to give his preparations a touch of flavor and elegance.
He is assited by other 16 people who follow his recipes very accurately.

  • International Hotel Restaurant

    International Hotel Restaurant

  • Wide spaces, minimalist decoration

    Wide spaces, minimalist decoration

  • Artificial lake of Potrero

    Artificial lake of Potrero

  • Las Golondrinas

    Las Golondrinas

  • An international show

    An international show

  • Specialty of Las Golondrinas

    Specialty of Las Golondrinas

  • The exquisite tender grilled meat

    The exquisite tender grilled meat

A good handmade pasta dish is a must. If you are fond of carbohidrates, accept our recommendation and order the rabbit ravioli scented with basil, cream and caviar. If you prefer lean meat, ask for the delicious grilled pork bondiola with a soft basil purée, accompanied by eastern vegetables sautéd in sesame oil and soy sauce. The menu is completed by a wide variety of international wine that will turn dinner into a memorable experience.
For dessert, we recommend tiramisu made with authentic Mascarpone cheese. “Tiramisu is no tiramisu without Mascarpone cheese” Aldo asserts as he laughs.

Las Golondrinas
Hosted by its owners - Mario and Berta -, they do not hesitate to assure that the house specialty is goat and meat grilled on the asador (metal cross on a fire pit). One only needs to pass by the grill and accept an invitation for the senses to take part in a hearty meal, when it comes to meat.
The passion for good products, the first-class service and the devotion of its staff have been the distinguishing stamp of this restaurant.
The name “Las Golondrinas” (the swallows) was chosen by the owners because of the special affection they feel for these migratory birds.

The venue has a cosy light hall which can seat 50 customers. Therefore, it is advisable to make reservations in advance.
Here, you will taste delicious fresh salads or potatoes cooked in different ways, while you wait for the exquisite tender grilled meat. Dishes are famous for the unquestioble quality of their ingredients.
The cook who prepares grilled meat at Las Golondrinas is a lover of good technique. As a result, meats satisfy the most demanding customers.
The menu also includes tempting desserts and a careful selection of wines from the best wineries of Mendoza, San Juan and La Rioja.

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Potrero de los Funes

Ruta 18 Km. 16 (5700) San Luis, San Luis

Tel: +54 266-4440038


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