Potrero de los Funes Village

Very close to the capital of San Luis, this exquisite tourist village unveils its beauty to be chosen by tourists as the ideal site to have a rest.

Only 17 km from the capital city of San Luis, on Provincial Route 18, lies the tourist village called Potrero de los Funes. This beautiful valley surrounded by mountain ranges where the first families of the area settled down, such as the Mirandas, the Muñoz de Aldanas and the Funes -who gave their name to this place- is ideal to have a rest while you enjoy its peaceble natural environment.

In order to reach this spot, it is necessary to drive along the winding road that crosses the Cóndores ravine, between granite walls, until you get to a beautiful panoramic sight of the water mirror framed by the Potrero de los Funes dam.

The village infrastructure and services offered to visitors of the province have been internationally categorized. Its characteristic Hotel Internacional, inns, guest houses, camping parks and its majestic retaining dam provide the appropriate environment for a well-deserved rest.

In the area, visitors may go on all kinds of excursions: recreational activities on the shores and waterfront, sport pejerrey and carp fishing, funny hiking excursions to Mount Valle de Piedra and Mount Cruz de Madera, or climbing excursions at the Cóndores ravine.

  • Peaceble natural environment

    Peaceble natural environment

  • Hotel Internacional

    Hotel Internacional

  • Night Potrero

    Night Potrero

  • An exquisite tourist village

    An exquisite tourist village

From this area, you can visit the Salto de la Moneda mountain range nook: an unforgettable experience where native vegetable and animal species may be watched, to the fifteen-meter-high waterfall, with deep natural pools.

Another interesting alternative would be to go on a horseriding excursion to the León Colgado ravine.

In the vicinity of Potrero de los Funes, through the San Luis mountain range, you can go through crystal-clear creeks that gave origin to picturesque towns such as El Volcán, Estancia Grande and El Durazno.

If there is a place in the Province of San Luis where nature's peace and harmony have chosen to reside, that is right here, in Potrero de los Funes. We recommend that you visit it!

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Gimatur S. R. L.

Avenida Illia 305 - Local N° 5 (5700) San Luis, San Luis

Tel: +54 266-4435751 Cel: +54 266-4613806

DurationDuration: All day

How to get hereHow to get here: From San Luis capital city, go along Provincial Road 18 for 17 kilometers till you get to this town.

Bear in mindBear in mind: If you are interested in developing as many activities as you can in this tourist village, we recommend that you stay here for at least three days.

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