Balde Hot Springs

A place beneficial both for skin disorders and physical illnesses so as to relax and enjoy. We visited the Balde Hot Springs.

It is well known that hot spring waters have countless virtues which enable people to enjoy and take care of their health. In ancient times, the Greek and the Roman built many temple-hospitals around the hot springs where they would send the wounded soldiers in order to recover. In Argentina, the native Mapuches attributed miraculous effects and a sacred origin to the steam emerging from the center of the earth.

In the Province of San Luis, the feeling of well-being provided by the hot springs may be experimented very close to the capital of the province by visiting the already famous hot springs located in the district of Balde.
To reach this picturesque village, we had to leave the capital city heading westwards and travel approximately 30 kilometers. This place has municipal facilities where visitors may have a bath and, as well, a fancy hot spring resort called Los Tamarindos, fully furnished to welcome tourists who enjoy “health tourism”. That is where we headed for.

  • The district of Balde

    The district of Balde

  • Restaurant


  • Outdoor pool

    Outdoor pool

  • Indoor pool

    Indoor pool

Fountain of Well-Being

We were welcomed by Miguel, who is in charge of the venue and provided us with all the necessary information about the hot springs.
“When it comes out of the well, the temperature of the water is 43ºC and, from the therapeutical point of view and taking as a basis its chemical composition, it is qualified as special mineral water properly alkaline, containing bicarbonate, sulfate, sodium, lithium, boron and silicate. It has the therapeutical property of obtaining benefits in various manifestations of chronic rheumatism, diabetes and skin diseases” indicated Miguel, as he showed us around the facilities.
The private Los Tamarindos resort is very well equipped for tourists who wish to stay overnight in the area. It has bedrooms, restaurant, coffee-shop, outdoor and indoor pool with hot spring waters and gym. Services include massages, sauna sessions, mudtherapy with active hot spring mud for the body, face cleansing, acne and anticellulite treatments.
“The Balde hot springs are special for mild and cold seasons due to the high temperature of the water. Thus, this is a seasonal product” asserted our guide.

The Benefits of a Good Bath
After touring around the facilities, we got ready to experiment the hot springs. We headed straight to the indoor pool, where an artificial cave discharges uninterrupted liters of hot spring water in the shape of a cascade. Soon enough, the water properties began to take effect leaving us in a state of total relaxation. We did not take long to get disconnected and begin to rest in that quiet place, where it is easy to escape from mental and physical fatigue.
Beyond punctual actions, hot spring waters are beneficial for the general well-being as they are a perfect means of relieving daily stress, renovating skin freshness and smoothness or simply reduce stress levels.
After an intense session during which we managed to appreciate the gifts of nature and find our balance once more, we left the place feeling totally renovated and ready to continue our trip across the Province of San Luis.

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DifficultyDifficulty: Low, taking into consideration the indications given by specialists.

How to get hereHow to get here: Leaving from San Luis, take national route 7 heading for the West. After about 25 kilometers, turn right into Provincial Route 15 until final destination.

Bear in mindBear in mind: Los Tamarindos hot spring resort provides rooms, cabins, apartments and suites for visitors who wish to spend a few of days at the venue.

Before taking a hot spring bath, it is always advisable to be examined by a professional so as to leave aside any heart condition. Pregnant women and hypertensive patients should talk to their doctors about the characteristics and location of the place before they pay a visit.


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