Potrero de los Funes

Potrero de los Funes Potrero de los Funes - Photos: Jorge González

What started as a small summer village for denizens of San Luis and other important nearby cities has become one of the most splendid destinations in this province.

Lying just 20 kilometers away from the capital, Potrero de los Funes boasts one of the most beautiful reservoirs in the region around which man has resolved to build a unique racing track.

The first international hotel was Automóvil Club Argentino, located on the lake shore. This sight has become one of the most delightful in San Luis.

As time went by, a small population made up by cabins, a camping site and some inns that provide lodging has been settled around the reservoir. This has given life to Potrero de los Funes year round.

Angling enthusiasts catch silverside and trout at the reservoir. Boat fishing provides the chance to get to the best sites. Furthermore, when car races are scheduled, the views from the water are excellent.

Boasting the proper geographical features to go hiking, enjoy photographic safaris and nautical activities, Potrero de los Funes is the perfect choice for visitors during their vacations in this mountainous area.

In February, the city welcomes Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival. This is one of the most outstanding events in the province during the summer.

Potrero de los Funes

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