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Around the Valley of the Moon

Ischigualasto Provincial Park opens up to allow a look into the past of our planet through the Triassic Period. A tour around the Valley of the Moon.

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Barreal, the Oasis in the Desert of Cuyo

The Valleys of San Juan are an option in the wide array of national tourist destinations. The town of Barreal, a symbol of the Valley of Calingasta, is the best choice for those in search of rest, history, silence...

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Crossing onto Chile from San Juan

“Shopping Boom” could be the title for the countless crossings Argentinians make from the City of San Juan and its surroundings onto the various Chilean destinations awaiting on the other side of the Andes.

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Towns, Seas and Mountain Ranges in March 2018

Some trips are unique and happen once in a lifetime. However, they will remain in our memory forever. La Lunita has been proposing this out-of-this-world kind of adventure since the year 2000.


White, Red and Sparkling

An introduction to the wine and champagne culture observing the various stages of winemaking in the main wineries in the district of Pocitos in San Juan.

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Fiesta Nacional del Sol

La Fiesta Nacional del Sol es la excusa perfecta para mostrar lo mejor de San Juan al mundo. Artistas locales e internacionales, Vendimia y elección de la reina forman parte de esta festividad.


Visiting <i>Barreal</i> and <i>Pampa del Leoncito</i>

It is usually considered a captivating excursion and compared to visiting another planet. Leaving the City of San Juan, visitors may get to <i>Barreal</i> and the famous <i>Pampa del Leoncito</i>.

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The Kingdom of the Wind

We explore the mysterious twists slowly carved by the wind, and then jump into an adventure on a rubber raft challenging the rage of the Jachal River.

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Huaco Slope

We visited various settlements and landscapes in San Juan: an excellent proposal to discover the history and the people of this Argentinian province.


Windsurfing at Cuesta del Viento

Cuesta del Viento mingles the aridity of a lunar scenery with the turquoise transparency of a water mirror. The best spot in the country for the practice of windsurfing.

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Cavas de Zonda Champagne Winery

A champagne winery located in the very heart of the mountain opens its gates to tell the most intimate secrets of the ancient process of making this French beverage.

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Sarmiento’s Birthplace

The building featuring colonial style houses pieces of original furniture, photographs and authentic information about Domingo F. Sarmiento’s long career as a politician.

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Oasis City

The City of San Juan lies in a charming and fertile oasis surrounded by mountains. Featuring modern buildings, shady sidewalks, wide streets and attractive avenues, it concentrates various cultural...

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Where the Liberator Spent the Night

Inside the Santo Domingo Convent, a cell (a chamber) was occupied by Gral. San Martín in 1815 while he was getting ready for the campaign to liberate Chile and Upper Peru.

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El Leoncito National Park

Facing the Andes Mountain Range, within a scene absolutely ruled by Mount Mercedario, El Leoncito National Park lures the senses.

Contemplative Tourism

Parque Nacional San Guillermo

Con 170.000 hectáreas en el extremo norte de la provincia de San Juan, el Parque Nacional San Guillermo fue creado en 1998 para proteger la mayor población de vicuñas del país.

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