Sarmiento’s Birthplace

The spaces of this ancient house where his mother, Paula Albarracín, used to sell woven items and do the typical chores of those days are open to visitors.

When it comes to distinguished characters of Argentinian history, Domingo Sarmiento is usually remembered for his work. The site where he was born is located in San Juan and references to his life and the national identity of a prodigious time in which many important events for our country took place can be found there.
We had resolved to visit that estate on a guided tour in order to get to know every detail. We learned about each stage in Sarmiento’s life, including his effort to improve education and his contribution to politics by accepting hierarchical positions as a civil servant.

The house was originally built in adobe. We saw the fig tree in the yard, the room with the loom doña Paula used to work on, the room where Domingo was born, his bedroom when he grew up and the kitchen. We watched the furniture and utensils, among which there was a desk used by Sarmiento during his provincial administration between 1862 and 1864. Likewise, part of the dinner set used during his presidential administration from 1868 to 1874 is on display.

  • Front of Museum and Library

    Front of Museum and Library

  • Legacy Salon

    Legacy Salon

  • Doña Paula loom

    Doña Paula loom

  • Higuera Historical Patio

    Higuera Historical Patio

  • Featuring a typical colonial style

    Featuring a typical colonial style

  • Historical fragments of the Argentine hero

    Historical fragments of the Argentine hero

Newspapers, manuscripts and first issues of books written in different stages of his life are also found in the venue. In addition to these relics, the house offers cultural activities, shows and very dynamic workshops.

There is a public library specialized in the history of Sarmiento and the region, with a childhood corner aimed at motivating young kids to read.

Declared National Historical Monument, this house is open to visitors who wish to learn more about Domingo Faustino Sarmiento’s life in an amusing and instructional way.

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Contact of the excursion or tour

Museo Casa Natal de Sarmiento

Barrio El Carrascal, Sarmiento Sur 21, San Juan, San Juan, Agentina

Phone Phone: +54 264-4224603

Opening hoursOpening hours: From Monday thru Sunday and public holidays with different timetables. It is advisable to check by phone.


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