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San Juan San Juan - Photos: Marcelo Sola
Capital City of the homonimous province, San Juan is a charming and fertile oasis surrounded by mountains.
To get to this region of the country one can do it by plane arriving at "Las Chacritas Airport" which is 12 km away from San Juan city to the southeast or by car or bus through Nº 7 National Route till the intersection with Nº 40 National Route in Mendoza City and from that joint to the north till destination.

San Juan has a privileged climate with maximum temperatures of 35º C and minimum temperatures of 19º C in Summer while , in Winter, they range from 13º C to 0º C.
San Juan City features modern buildings with wide streets, attractive avenues and sidewalks with woods which provide one with beautiful natural, cultural and relaxing sites.

The region is a picturesque natural environment of mountains, streams and narrow passes that make this place the ideal one for those who want to enjoy nature.
An excursion to know the imposing wineries that join tradition with modern technology gives one the chance of getting to know the secrets in the manufacture of the wines that outstand in the world.

Located in the city center and faithful witness of San Juan History, 25 de Mayo Square is the ideal place for the relaxation and amusement of the tourist.

To the west, Calingasta Valley facing the Andes Mountain Range and resting on Tontal Mountain Range also hides another beautiful circuit in the province. One of the best skies in the country opens up to astronomic observation at El Leoncito National Park, while the echo of the mountains seems to repeat the memory of the passage of liberator General San Martín into infinity.

To the east of the city, on the oriental slope of Sierras pampeanas, The Fertile Valley is situated offering its peoples warmth and a magnificent environment that attracts the tourist at once.
The unlosable "Valle de la Luna" (Valley of the Moon) , 330 km away from the Capital City of the Province and immersed in Ischigualasto Natural Provincial Park, bases its worth and importance in the wild landscape, in the cultural history and in the paleontologic richess of the area.

In the surroundings of San Juan, there is a favourable setting to practise mountain sports, hand gliding, fishing in rivers and streams, horse -riding and four track excursions in the hills with whatever is needed to enjoy adventure and nature.

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