Crossing onto Chile from San Juan

“Shopping Boom” could be the title for the countless crossings Argentinians make from the City of San Juan and its surroundings onto the various Chilean destinations awaiting on the other side of the Andes.

Several tours and nooks in the City of San Juan and its surroundings may tempt us to stay longer at this location. The most outstanding is Ischigualasto National Park, best known as Valle de la Luna. It displays very unusual geographical features where mountain formations boast incredible appearances featuring all shades of gray and ocher.

Agua Negra Pass, in San Juan (Argentina)

While in San Juan, travelers may access Chile through the pass known as Agua Negra to reach the Chilean Districts of La Serena and Coquimbo. As this is one of the highest border crossing in the Andes (about 4,784 meters AMSL), it is open from December to the moment the first snowfalls take place, usually in April and May.

Coquimbo lies just 12 kilometers south of La Serena and it is a summer destination due to its excellent beaches, where visitors may swim, practice nautical sports and recreational activities. The sea influence of this city captivates tourists. Such is the case in neighboring La Serena, a destination chosen by most Argentinians living in the Region of Cuyo.

  • Valley of the moon

    Valley of the moon

  • Sanjuanino landscape

    Sanjuanino landscape

  • La Serena

    La Serena

  • Coquimbo


  • Charm for tourists, Coquimbo

    Charm for tourists, Coquimbo

Both cities, joined by the same sea and ocean drive, invite visitors to enjoy their colonial, their famous piscos and their matchless beaches of fine white sands.

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