Where the Liberator Spent the Night

Inside the Santo Domingo Convent, a cell (a chamber) was occupied by Gral. San Martín in 1815 while he was getting ready for the campaign to liberate Chile and Upper Peru.
This ancient building with adobe walls and roofs made of poplar, cane and mud was declared National Historical Monument on the grounds that it preseves the design intact from the days on which it was constructed and that it was used by the Argentinian hero, General don José de San Martín, to spend the night.

After crossing the entrance, visitors come into the Sala Capitular –a room used for meetings of the order- and then the backyard. Some years ago, religious elements from the days of the colony and the declaration of Argentinian Independence could be observed. But, as a result of a conflict of interests in the field of the museums in San Juan, the cell was left completely empty and only the walls and ceiling may be observed today.

At the convent's backyard, ancient trees stand out, namely, three olive trees more than three hundred years old each and a carob tree San Martín used to tie his mule. Likewise, two large bells made in 1778, when the General Liberator was born, are displayed there.
  • To spend the night

    To spend the night

  • Ancient building with adobe walls

    Ancient building with adobe walls

  • General don José de San Martín

    General don José de San Martín

  • National Historical Monument

    National Historical Monument

This is a very pretty site to visit and learn about the steps taken by General San Martín; ideal for lovers of colonial architecture.

Marcelo Sola / Marcelo Sola

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Duration: from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

How to get here: 57 Laprida St. (between Entre Ríos and Mendoza Streets)

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