Río Mayo by Bike

The City of Río Mayo features diverse attractions to be visited by bicycle. An ideal destination to enjoy this fascinating activity.

Various activities have been practiced in the surroundings of the District of Río Mayo in the last few years. Some of the most outstanding are mountain biking and cycling tours.

At least six important mountain bike circuits may be found in this region. They go across the high plateau, steep slopes and terrains that change quickly from solid ground to rubble or sand. All this combined with the wind causes this area to be rough and challenging.

Río Mayo is crossed by National Route 40 and lies very close to the Chilean border. Therefore, it is a mandatory route for cyclists, who consider this town as a great stop to rest and relax during their tours.

  • The perfect ally

    The perfect ally

  • Heading to the mountains

    Heading to the mountains

  • The Mayo River

    The Mayo River

  • The surroundings of the city

    The surroundings of the city

There are several circuits for visitors to choose in the surroundings of the city. A simple choice that does not lack excitement consists in following the course of the river, where cliffs are immersed in the natural scenery.

Year after year, one of the instances of the Chubut Regional Mountain Biking Tournament is celebrated in the area. Already a provincial classic, sportsmen from nearby districts such as Sarmiento, Comodoro Rivadavia, Senguer, Esquel, Trelew, Rawson, Caleta Olivia and Las Heras, to name a few, take part in this event.

The geographical, environmental and especially human features of this location ensure that each participant will take home an unforgettable memory.

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