A View from the Heights

Very close to the downtown, on one of the cliffs near the aerodrome, a clear idea of the vastness of the city and the always windy local weather is grasped.

Reaching the viewpoint depends on our will and time. Whether by bike, car or on foot, this is one of the tours chosen by visitors to the city as they know that here they can breathe its air and feel the silence of the vastness of the Patagonian high plateau.

We chose to access this place by car and parked in the plain area near the cliff. We soon felt the wind on our face, a typical feature in the region at any time of the day or the year.

A natural staircase made of stones that rest on one another leads to the main rock. Visitors should mind their step. Once at the top, the scenery is fantastic and the angle of vision is so wide that we had to move here and there in order to take photographs and get a 360-degree view of the surroundings.

As we had already toured around the city, we took some time to spot the places we had visited as we appreciated the urban grid with large blocks and ample streets, typical of a town that wants to enjoy quietness. There is few vegetation and the trees on the sidewalks seem to be growing slowly.

  • The silence of the town

    The silence of the town

  • The antennas

    The antennas

  • A clear idea of the vastness of the city

    A clear idea of the vastness of the city

  • Close to the airfield

    Close to the airfield

From the heights, we noticed the silence of the town, as there were very few cars in the street. Only some gusts of dust were carried away by the wind.

Without making any plans, we went to the viewpoint at sunset. This added some magic to our ride. In the summer, when the temperature is mild, this is an ideal site to stay and behold the end of the day, when the sun definitely sets on the horizon. Or maybe early birds may appreciate the sunrise in the company of some tasty mate.

As we went back to town we confirmed that whenever we take some time to enjoy these experiences, the most wonderful things are offered by nature for free and they are never forgotten.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Eduardo Epifanio

Tour typeTour type: Contemplative
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