Horse-riding at Potrerillos

This is always one of the most beautiful ways to see a new place. At Potrerillos, the horses invite visitors to go for a ride around the surroundings of the village, amidst scenes that will thrill any rider.

Even if there are several operators who rent horses during the summer season to go around the Potrerillos Dam, there is a place whose aim has always been to let visitors have a unique experience as far as horseback riding is concerned.

This tourist undertaking, whose origin is a family business founded in 1992 by Juan Andrés Jardel, was named El Rincón de los Oscuros (The Corner of the Dark), and is a must visit for those who wish to enjoy a day on horseback at one of the most delightful scenes in Mendoza.

Located in Potrerillos (Mendoza), Rincón de los Oscuros has a troop of 100 horses and a hundred-year-old estancia that occupies over 6,500 hectares preserved in unspoiled state to guarantee visitors all the pleasure and safety this kind of adventure demands.

With mountains and hills of over 5,000 meters of height and the chance to reach unique natural viewpoints that feature the best panoramic sights of El Plata Mountain Range, Potrerillos Dam and the entire Potrerillos Valley, these horseback rides are always guided by expert staff and turn out to be one of the activities visitors should not miss while staying at the village.

Each tour unveils the presence of wild animals such as guanacos, condors, foxes and hares, which come out when the horses trot or gallop along the trails, according to the ability of the riders.

  • El Plata Mountain Range

    El Plata Mountain Range

  • Scenes that will thrill any rider

    Scenes that will thrill any rider

  • Tame and well-kept horses

    Tame and well-kept horses

  • Trained group management guide

    Trained group management guide

  • Mountains and hills of over 5,000 meters of height

    Mountains and hills of over 5,000 meters of height

  • Rincón de los Oscuros

    Rincón de los Oscuros

Programs include various options specially designed for the entire family as well as for those who search for more experience on horseback. Family rides may also be enjoyed with children, as horses have been specially trained to carry them along risk-free tours. These rides start both in the morning and the afternoon. They are practiced year round and take around 1 hour and 15 minutes, perfect timing to learn how to ride and become familiar with the world of horses and their people.

Those who prefer a little bit more will find that half-day rides may also include a criollo lunch. In these cases, the tour is carried out in the area located between the 1,500 and 2,500 meters of height. During this program, exclusive areas of the ancient estancia known as El Salto are seen.

These rides take about 2 hours and 15 minutes and they lead adventurers deep inside the world of horses, the tasks they involve and their routine. Thus, they will learn amazing things before the tour even begins.

Experienced riders will find other more seductive programs that will obviously require a harder effort. One of them is the Full Day Ride and it involves an intensive day at the mountain where adventure travel is combined with a hearty asado and a matchless ride in the afternoon, before the sun sets behind the mountains to welcome the night and the stars.

The ride to the waterfall is another attraction. This natural cascade lies at 3,000 meters of height amidst the impressive mountain range and features approximately 100 meters of free fall among the rocks.

While riding towards it, it is possible to spend a whole day surrounded by hills and watching large birds like the famous condor or dozens of guanacos living in the wild.

No matter what option is chosen to appreciate Potrerillos, a horse may come to give us an experience that will remain forever in our memories.

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