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Villa Potrerillos is the perfect place both for its denizens and for visitors who come along every summer to enjoy its reservoir and recreational places.

Barely 70 kilometers separate this paradise nestled in the mountains on the way to the Chilean border from the City of Mendoza. At this location, a huge lake of sky-blue waters is the host and gives life to one of the most delightful tourist destinations in the Province of Mendoza.

Beautiful and quiet at the same time, this small village that started as a summer excuse and then adopted steady denizens all along the contour of its dam, today is an ideal site to practice all kinds of outdoor activities among which hiking, camping, angling, and rafting in the waters of the Mendoza River stand out.

History of Potrerillos

Taking any of the roads around the reservoir or else asking local neighbors about the history of this place will reveal that Potrerillos Dam has a surface of approximately 1,500 hectares and that it has 14 kilometers of length and almost 3 kilometers of width. Various tourist operators services and sports activities are available at this location.

  • Paradise nestled in the mountains

    Paradise nestled in the mountains

  • Beautiful and quiet at the same time

    Beautiful and quiet at the same time

  • Wonderful tourist village

    Wonderful tourist village

  • The perfect place

    The perfect place

A wide array of undertakings and cabins have been settled in the surroundings in the last few years to satisfy the tourist demand from travelers who choose this village year after year to discover this place that is becoming legendary.

Lying right before Puente del Inca (Inca Bridge) and the international pass onto Chile, Potrerillos is framed within the nature of Mendoza with a spacious valley surrounded by high mountains and the courses of the Blanco and the Mendoza Rivers, which contribute enough water to give life to the dam and thus turn it into one of the most important oases in the area.

Automovil Club Argentino (ACA) and Gran Hotel Potrerillos, whose architectural style has astonished the whose province, have been joined by new tourist operators.

Today, there are several neighborhoods around the reservoir where locals and tourists enjoy their properties or book some cabin to spend a few days. Among these neighborhoods and attractions, Las Carditas, Las Vegas, Valle del Sol, famous Salto and Piedras Blancas stand out. In the surroundings, a small but charming ski center called Vallecitos and the famed and healing waters of the Cacheuta hot springs are another must visit in the proximity of this village in Mendoza.

One of the favorite activities of holidaymakers are long hiking tours, which may take hours if they resolve to “go around the dam” or choose to visit the various sights of this wonderful tourist village that has everything for families to enjoy.

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