History of Potrerillos

The history of the construction of Potrerillos Dam was not simple. It took long years and governments, decrees, laws, budgets and the mass media from Mendoza took part in it. All throughout its development, there were certain details that go unnoticed today and are disregarded when the beauty and the scenes around this water body of light blue waters are appreciated.

“Men come and go, places stay” might be affirmed because this was the case of Potrerillos Dam, as well as for other sites in this beautiful country where the works done by men (with all the good and bad things they imply), become places to be enjoyed by tourists later on.

Potrerillos Dam has several functions. Some of them are vital for the life of men in this region: it is one of the most important water reserves in the Province. Others are essential for the development of individuals that make up a community: tourism and recreation.

Today Villa Potrerillos enjoys this privilege. It welcomes thousands of visitors season after season who come along not only from Mendoza and other provinces in Cuyo but also from other locations in the country and are lured by these extraordinary scenes and the mild climate.

At present, it is tourism which writes history and turns this place into a paradisiacal spot where everything is still to be done and where each investment in accommodation and services will soon harvest followers.

Men, with their wit and effort, have built a true paradise in this district in Mendoza. It will depend on them to make it grow with a criterion, harmony and respecting nature in all this region so close to the Andes Mountain Range.

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