From Posadas to the Moconá Falls

These are the "other" waterfalls. The smaller ones. However, they boast a river sideways. Believe it or not.

Leaving the City of Posadas, capital of the Province of Misiones, take National Route 12 and travel along it up to the City of Oberá. A total distance of 100 kilometers is covered in less than an hour and a half. This ride allows travelers to get deep into the thick rainforest of Misiones, where the soil gets redder and redder and the vegetation lusher and lusher.

Thus, Oberá is reached -also through Provincial Route 103-, a beautiful city in Misiones that invites everyone to enter the northern mountain range heading for the Uruguay River.

While in Oberá, travelers must take National Route 14, which goes across districts such as Campo Viera, Campo Grande and Aristóbulo del Valle. These cities are small but they perfectly represent the life and customs of this region.

  • The route runs parallel to the Uruguay River

    The route runs parallel to the Uruguay River

  • The vastness of the rainforest

    The vastness of the rainforest

  • The gateway

    The gateway

  • Center customer

    Center customer

Following Route 14 and before getting to the District of San Vicente, there appears a provincial route towards the left. It has been assigned number 13 and leads to the City of El Soberbio.

From this point onwards, the road becomes paradisiacal and captures the eye of all visitors due to its wide array of wildlife specimens, appreciated from the car. It is ideal to go on this tour during the day, as all kinds of ferns, ivy varieties, palm trees and typical trees of the Paraná rainforest may be observed in the daylight.

In addition to the flora, fauna specimens such as coaties, peccaries, capybara and deer may be seen in the area. In the meantime, the air territory is dominated by families of toucans, parrots, parakeets and other larger birds such as buzzards.

Small hills, crystal-clear creeks and inns located deep in the vastness of the rainforest welcomed us as we approached the City of El Soberbio. This rural area is ideal to spend the night and get to know the secrets of the Argentinian Capital of Essence, as this small city has come to be known. Ever since Provincial Route 2 was fixed, this has been the access to the far-famed Moconá Waterfalls.

Just 75 kilometers separate this city (which borders on Brazil) from Saltos del Moconá Provincial Park. Perfect from all points of view, the layout of the route runs parallel to the Uruguay River, which narrows down as it approaches the natural reserve and boasts a panoramic point every ten kilometers, where travelers may stop to enjoy true postcards.

The river, the waterfalls across it, the unshakeable ponds, the reddish roads or the immense green of the rainforest make up an eye-catching scene and offer the chance to get out of the car safely as many times as necessary not to miss any detail to both sides of the road.

Thus, almost without noticing, the road announced we were reaching our destination. Visitors just need to park their vehicle, pay for the ticket and head for the berth to get on the RIBs that will take them down to the famous falls, the second most important waterfalls in the province.

A memorable ride that will complete the adventure.

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