Paraná Waterfront

A city that overlooks the river deserves a waterfront promenade that should mingle urban life and the natural scene. Posadas boasts this space proudly.

The City of Posadas is active and thriving. The hustle and bustle of people and cars gives evidence of that in the streets. Its waterfront offers the perfect atmosphere to counteract urban vertigo.

The advance of the population into the original tropical rainforest has gradually changed the climate. At present, winters remain temperate and summers are hot. The moderating power of the river and the construction of each of the riverbank sectors have contributed a space where the high summer temperatures may be endured.

We visited the zigzagging waterfront boulevard at night, lined with the lights of street lamps. Sitting on the grass, we observed the great deal of people who were enjoying the breeze on their faces, just like us. After an intense day touring around and coping with high temperatures, that was the perfect time and place to relax.

  • San Roque González de Santa Cruz Bridge

    San Roque González de Santa Cruz Bridge

  • The perfect atmosphere to counteract urban vertigo

    The perfect atmosphere to counteract urban vertigo

  • The park lining the river shore

    The park lining the river shore

  • Walk, bike or skate

    Walk, bike or skate

  • Time to relax, make friends and get together

    Time to relax, make friends and get together

We returned the next day to stroll along its entire length. While the traffic was intense on both sides, the sidewalks featured plenty of people walking, cycling or skating. The area populated with gardens, palm trees, parasols and shady trees invites everyone to sit and share some mate with friends.

Like in every inland city, we discovered that the locals always find time to relax, make friends and get together. The need for communication was obvious. We ourselves joined the local mood so as to get to know their habits better.

We were told that music and dance shows are usually put on at this location, especially among young students.

As regards swimming, it has not been authorized in all the beaches. Most of them function as solarium sites. Access to the water is only allowed at El Brete and Mártires. Prohibitions have to do with safety issues regarding the levels of Yaciretá Reservoir. Therefore, it is extremely important to pay attention to signs.

The road and railway bridge called San Roque González de Santa Cruz has an imposing presence. It joins Posadas and the Paraguayan City of Encarnación, on the other side of the river. Its good beaches and the title of Capital of Carnival of Paraguay turn it into an amusing and relaxing destination.

We bade farewell to our friends from Posadas after thanking them for their mates tereré and the pleasant moment of rest we had shared at the park lining the river shore.

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