Things to do in Posadas

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<i>Parque de la Cruz</i> in Santa Ana

A space for recreation with attractions for the entire family immersed in a natural environment has been developed in a venue situated in the native woodland

Contemplative Tourism

From Posadas to the Moconá Falls

These are the "other" waterfalls. The smaller ones. However, they boast a river sideways. Believe it or not.

Contemplative Tourism

Paraná Waterfront

A city that overlooks the river deserves a waterfront promenade that should mingle urban life and the natural scene. Posadas boasts this space proudly.

Contemplative Tourism

Reserva Natural Estricta San Antonio

La Reserva Natural Estricta San Antonio es una de las más recientes áreas protegidas, creada en el año 1990, y cubre una superficie de 400 hectáreas al noreste de la provincia de Misiones.

Tourism in Misiones

Misiones Province continues to conquer thousands of travelers who come along every year to enjoy its natural tourist attractions, and its many cultural and historical destinations...

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San Ignacio ruins - Jesuit Missions

Within the circuit of Jesuit Ruins in Misiones there are several places with vestiges of people enriched by science and art...

Contemplative Tourism

City Tour around Posadas

Posadas, capital city of the red soil, has had sustained growth ever since its foundation. This fact is evidenced in the number of new buildings raised in its urban shell.

Hotels and accommodations in Posadas

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