Arroyito Water Body

The Arroyito reservoir on the Limay River provides electric power but is also a beautiful spot to spend a sunny day with family or friends.
When we asked where we could spend a day outdoors with our family without having to go very far, driving to Arroyito dam was enthusiastically suggested.

The water mirror at Arroyito is somewhat like the artificial lake at Villa El Chocón where, as a result of the dam, the settlement enjoys its green surroundings amid the barren steppe. The intense colors in and around this stretch of the Limay River are an invitation to relax, camp and fish.

Among poplars and willows, shade and shelter abound on the coast of a picturesque stream where we set up camp for the day. As there was plenty of space, some of us played mini football while others tried their hand at fishing.

As soon as the barbecue was ready, we all gathered round the grill to share that special moment when you catch up on each other’s weekly news and listen to the best jokes of the ‘comedians’ in the group.

When we had finished eating, we moved the table nearer the water to sit around and chat while watching the spectacular color changes as the sun reflected on it. ‘We’re going for a walk’, said the ladies and off they went along one of the many paths before us. Thanks to them we learned we could reach the dam, its reservoir, and that there are special trails for mountain bike lovers.
  • Arroyito hydro-electric dam

    Arroyito hydro-electric dam

  • The Limay River

    The Limay River

  • Bluish green waters

    Bluish green waters

  • The campsite

    The campsite

Birdwatchers come to observe lark, heron and cormorant nests. ‘We never disturb them, we just observe them, their flight and behavior’’, an elderly person explained as he held his impressive binoculars while the trill of birds indicated the presence of different species, flying form one tree to the next.

As the afternoon came to an end, we gathered up our belongings and began our way back, leaving behind a colossal construction to supply electricity, but also a wonderful place to enjoy nature.

Mónica Pons / Jorge González

Useful Data

How to get here: To reach this area by the Limay River from Neuquén City, go 50 kilometers along National Route 22 first and then 237 until you reach the turning to the dam.


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