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Vestiges from the past and works from the cultural present of Neuquén co-exist at Paraje Confluencia Historical Center.

Objects dating back to over 10,000 years ago, which used to belong to the primitive populations of Northern Patagonia, are on display along with present works by outstanding creators from Neuquén at Paraje Confluencia Cultural Historical Center.

Those elements the first nations used daily (woven items, animal and plant fossils found in the area) share their space inside the venue with different events and proposals to tell the history of the first immigrant families that settled down in the valley.

Furthermore, other cycles are devoted to recovering the memory of the neighbors who grew up hand in hand with the City of Neuquén.

The museum, which has three exhibition rooms, a library and a reading-room, is run by the municipality and operates within an environment of historical heritage interest, such as the old buildings of the Central Park, which used to house the railway.

  • Independencia y Córdoba

    Independencia y Córdoba

  • Three exhibition rooms

    Three exhibition rooms

  • Coffee roaster

    Coffee roaster

  • Communion dress

    Communion dress

  • Those elements the first nations used daily

    Those elements the first nations used daily

  • Tell the history of the first immigrant families

    Tell the history of the first immigrant families

Specifically, this refers to the three houses that the company Ferrocarril del Sud built in the 1930s for its employees: in this case, the traffic staff.

The set of three houses, known as Colonia Nº 6, today turned into a museum, preserves the original style, defined by the details that identify British railway architecture, in vogue back then in Argentina.

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