Beverages from the End of the World

We visited one of the southernmost wineries in the planet. Amidst barrels and casks, we learnt about winemaking and tasted delicious varietals.

Contemplative Tourism

Farms in Alto Valle

Fruit farms in Alto Valle open their gates to show the export quality of their pears and apples, the axis of regional economy.


Neuquén, Land of Wine

San Patricio del Chañar has become the name of the best wines in southern Argentina. Touring around its excellent wineries is a way of unveiling its secrets.

MotoringContemplative Tourism

Parque Provincia del Neuquén, Race Track in Centenario

Centenario has a new race track and the Province of Neuquén starts its way up to the top car racing categories: the dream has come true.


The Limay River Anglers

Anglers are drawn to the Limay River both for its flow and fish. The spectacular surrounding landscape is an added attraction.


The Pleasures of Fine Cuisine

Eager to offer the best Patagonian and international delicacies, three restaurants offer their modern and renovated cuisine in Neuquén for customers to enjoy their excellent menus

Tourism in Neuquén

The tourist attractions boasted by the Province of Neuquén throughout its territory are multiple and each region has a particular feature.


Neuquén Identity in the Álvarez

The modern and light facilities of Dr. Gregorio Álvarez Municipal Museum treasure the archeological and historical heritage of the territory of Neuquén.

Contemplative Tourism

Towards the Nearby Water Mirrors

Two circuits close to the City of Neuquén lead to popular sites by lakes and dams in the Great Valley.


Visit to Paraje Confluencia Cultural Historical Center

Vestiges from the past and works from the cultural present of Neuquén co-exist at Paraje Confluencia Historical Center.

Contemplative Tourism

Paraje Las Perlas on the Limay River

Really close to the thriving city, its high buildings and constant heat there is a wonderful, fresh spot on the coast of the Limay River known as Rincón Las Perlas.

Bird watchingContemplative Tourism

Arroyito Water Body

The dazzling, turquoise water of Arroyito dam and the surrounding reddish rocks added to the bright green vegetation make up a breathtaking landscape.

Hotels and accommodations in Neuquén

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