Paraje Las Perlas on the Limay River

Really close to the thriving city, its high buildings and constant heat there is a wonderful, fresh spot on the coast of the Limay River known as Rincón Las Perlas.

It was by word of mouth that we learned about Rincón Balsa Las Perlas within the Municipality of Cipolletti, so off we went looking forward to spending an incredible day outdoors, as do many of the residents in search of a break from their daily routine.

The unbelievably clear water of the Limay is well worth a visit as it snakes its way along 500 kilometers, providing excellent opportunities for anglers, too. It winds its way through amazing landscape which, at Las Perlas, comprises a huge tract of semi-desert in contrast to green, fertile valleys.

We drove on to find ourselves in vast plateau where settlers breed sheep and goats and produce fruit and vegetables. As we approached the river, the horizon seemed to suddenly expand while the paths led us down to the beaches.

Our eyes soon adjusted to the ever changing scenery because it is there that an extensive geological flaw makes the Limay lean on its southern bank, producing enormous cliffs. We traversed its eroded, sandy base and marvelous reddish hues.

From a distance, we saw the cliff known as Las Coloradas, the perfect habitat for native species such as rheas, Patagonian hares, guanacos and partridges.

  • A great fishing spot

    A great fishing spot

  • Rincón Balsa Las Perlas

    Rincón Balsa Las Perlas

  • The unbelievably clear water of the Limay

    The unbelievably clear water of the Limay

  • Catch silverside, trout and salmon

    Catch silverside, trout and salmon

The strong, constant prevailing winds have shaped the cliffs and promontories of ancient geological and paleontological characteristics. Intense rains have also played a part in the formation of deep ravines, exposing different layers of reddish soil and fossils thousands of years old. One of them, Cañadón Tordillo, besides infinite hues also boasts rock paintings.

When we reached the river, we confirmed what we already knew: the Limay is a great fishing spot and very popular among those who attempt to catch silverside, trout and salmon. Anglers, both on the banks and in the river, clearly proved fishing is one of the main activities.

It is also an ideal place for a variety of water sports, each one in its allotted area. The number of enthusiasts has been increasing year after year.

Floating, zip-lining and bird watching are some of the activities ecological tourism offers in this captivating, peaceful environment.

We, on the other hand, were quite happy relaxing in our deck chairs while taking in the landscape, mesmerized by the water incessantly flowing to its final destination.

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How to get hereHow to get here: From Neuquén City: drive south along National Route 22 up to O’Connor St. Continue along San Ignacio St. until you reach the bridge over the Limay River, opposite Valentina Sur neighborhood. From there, follow the road signs to Las Perlas in the Municipality of Cipolletti.


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