24 Hours in Monte Hermoso

During the last decade, it has become a popular tourist destination among nearby neighbors and visitors from all corners of Argentina.
Ample beaches, long hours of sunlight and amusement for all generations: that is Monte Hermoso.
Is only one day enough to get to see Monte Hermoso? Here are some tips to enjoy an endless day in this city.

7 am
It is necessary to get up early and go in search of the sea. The early hours of the morning are ideal to see the show of incredible birds on the beach. As hours go by, they are scared away by the first tourists who arrive on the beach. One big challenge is to be the first one to step on the unspoiled sand.

9 am
Time for breakfast. The various coffee houses in town, as well as the beach bars open during the high season, promise breakfast with a view of the sea.

Coffee and <i>croissants</i> in front of the foamy waves is a postcard we covet year round and now is the time to relish it.

10 am
Fans of history and nature should not miss a visit to the Natural Science Museum or the Naval Museum. Also, Recalada Lighthouse has many secrets and sea anecdotes to share.
  • Un paseo diferente

    Un paseo diferente

  • Disfrutando la playa

    Disfrutando la playa

  • Faro Recalada y museo del faro

    Faro Recalada y museo del faro

  • Un día de pesca

    Un día de pesca

1 pm
Growling stomachs at midday are the perfect excuse to order some <i>rabas</i> (crumbed squid rings) or <i>cornalitos</i> (a kind of fried fish) at one of the restaurants of food carts in the city. After having enjoyed these delicacies, a short walk towards the former pier of town can help digestion.
Today, it is just a bunch of columns where birds nestle and fishermen gather to embark in search of fish.

4 pm
Minutes away from the city, Sauce Grande Pond is ideal to fish silverside and enjoy a picnic by this typical water body in Buenos Aires. There is a fishing club where boats may be rented and a long coastline to settle down and taste some <i>mate</i> and <i>tortas fritas</i> (fried pastries). This natural environment has made Monte Hermoso famous among anglers and curious vacationers.

7 pm
Time to enjoy the beach and various nautical sports as well as a dive in the sea. The view is unique at this time and the sand is a little cooler than at midday. And the best is yet to come: the endless sunset that has made these beaches well-known. The thing is that the sun seems to be reluctant to leave and tinges everything in gold as it retires. A worthy picture indeed.

"We did many things in one day and we must have missed many others.
But tomorrow we may devote other 24 hours to the fantastic City of Monte Hermoso”

Pablo Etchevers / Pablo Etchevers


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